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An Ink Test and a Mad Wall

I really wouldn’t be a psychology student if this dress print didn’t remind me of Rorschach’s Inklebot Test. It consists of several boards with colorful ink spots and the potential participant of the examination is supposed to interpret it by pointing out the answer that is most adequate in his/her opinion. The accuracy of this test is of course controversial, but out of all the psychology research tools this one’s by far most artistic.

The results of Inklebot Test are diversified, and so can be the context of wearing that dress. Which is exactly why I love it. I wore it for Christmas Eve with silver jewellery and it was festive. I wore it for bussiness training with black jacket and it was formal. Today I wore it with denim and it’s super fun, especially with futuristic white sunglasses and in front of South-American style graffiti. (It’s the graffiti we have vis-à-vis the local library, isn’t my study-town just awesome?). There’s also a rabbit-cangaroo hybrid on a leash next to it, which I don’t think quite matches, but in a very strange way – it does… it’s a mad wall, let’s say. It’s a “Donnie Darko meets Alice in Wonderland in Peru”.

The graffiti may seem familiar in the usage of colors, and not just because you have a picture from your trip to Venezuela as a screensaver. The latino street art was a major part of latest Prada project The Heart Of Multitude. Six muralists: Gabriel Specter, El Mac, Mesa, Pierre Mornet, Stinkfish and Jeanne Detallante, were invited to decorate the Milano show space with their illustrations “to engage themes of femininity, representation, power, and multiplicity”. But if you didn’t have the pleasure of attending Prada’s fashion show, you can still find some of the women portaits on Prada’s handbag collection for Spring/Summer 2014 (which is now, finally and thankfully).

Hope you like the photos 🙂 (by the way, I think I nailed the movie reference thing)













Have a great week! 🙂


Photos are taken by Janina Jungiewicz, who just keeps getting better at this! 🙂

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Motion picture says more

I love photoshoots. It’s amazing how they capture the moment, how the photographer needs to combine knowledge and intuition to reach the perfect decisive moment that Henri Cartier Bresson talked about. I admire the art of posing, because it’s extremely difficult – you need to know how to present your body, you need to know your angles, it’s not just changing the way you stand in front of the lens. But in spite of all of that, I’m still a little bit more of a movie-person than a picture-person, and that is why I decided to make this ranking of my favourite 6 fashion-related videos (I know 6 isn’t a very even number, but I couldn’t narrow it down to 5 and thought – why not 6? :)). Most of them are recent, because this form of advertising is getting more and more popular and advanced, which results in making better and better ads. So here’s 100% personalised, 100% subjective and 100% biased video ranking.


I’m not so sure if it really is the video itself or the great cover of Duran Duran song ‘Girls on film’. Either way, the add had stuck into my head and comes back whenever the topic of fashion campaignes pops up.


The idea of an exclusive party is alluring to most of us, and here the luxoury of this event is emphasized by the lyrics of Marco Dos Santos song Not on a guest list. Sounds kind of like a good line to put on a T-shirt!


Cara Delevingne for the first time. Again, the music played a crucial role for me here – I listened to it time after time for hours on reserved.com. Plus, the combination of Cara and Miami makes perfect sense and it is quite visible for the observer that she was being her usual, crazy self, having fun.


The concept of the psychologist caring more about the coat than his client is particularly interesting for me for two reasons. One of them – it’s not that easy to pay attention to the outerwear if there’s Helena Bonham Carter on your sofa. Second one – as a psychology student I actually wonder – is that how it works to make that job bearable?… 🙂 The person who also deserves some recognition here is the director – Roman Polanski, who just couldn’t help himself and had to create yet another masterpiece in less than 5 minutes.


I’m a big fan of any Wes Anderson work, so naturally I couldn’t overlook the add he and Roman Coppola directed for Prada. The sweet awkwardness that is essential for Wes’s art has made this video exceptional among all the others. Go for it, Prada! Watching this makes me wanna buy the Candy l’eau immediately, despite my strong inclination towards manly fragrances. As of Mr Anderson, he’ll be mentioned here again quite soon 🙂


Cara Delevingne for the second time. If your product is perfidiously named Baby Doll, who else would you turn to if not that 21 year old, soon-to-be-announced-supermodel, well known british sociable? The choice must have been easy for YSL beauty department. There’s absolutely nobody else who could do the job nearly as strikingly well as she did. I love the contrast between the innocence of the song and the wildness of the story presented in the video. You can practically read from Cara’s eyes: ‘My mascara may say Baby Doll, but the party I had yesterday was for the adults only…’

If you have your own suggestions and number ones, feel free to share them!

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