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Tradition vs Contemporaneity

When somebody asks us about our favourite desginers, there’s a specific bunch of them that comes to our minds automatically: Miuccia Prada, Coco Chanel (or Karl Lagerfeld for that matter), Cristobal Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and other big names of the industries. But is this really still the truth? Do we really blindly follow the fashion icons or do we search for a sense of a personal style in the creations of the young individuals? Is there a place for Hussein Chalayan and Prabal Gurung on the fashion market?


Chalayan’s hat-umbrellas… Want one badly!


Emma Watson in Prabal Gurung…


…and the Dutchess herself in Prabal Gurung as well!

I’m far from stating that I don’t admire the work of the greatest names in fashion industry – they are on the top of the top for a reason. Not to mention, some of those couture houses hire fresh rookies to continue the good job, the perfect example might be Alexander Wang’s time at Balenciaga. But those big brands come with some history, established targets and certain expectations which very often are concidered as a limitation to the young designers’ creativity. Unless, of course, their creative vision is 100% compatibile with all the conditions I’ve mentioned above – a combination like that is a hit that allowes 100 years old couture houses to retain their top title (another example – Christopher Bailey for Burberry).

Nevertheless, the question still stands – how do we feel about fresh ideas, not necessarily written about in Vogue? Well, I think I speak for the whole fashion industry when I say that the situation has changed – we seek for new, for individual, for something with ‘it’ element. And since the strict lines between what’s trendy and what isn’t are blurred, we no longer have to fear about being scrutinized, rather prepare for being praised for having a good eye for interesting accessories or new talents out there.

New talents. That’s where I was heading towards this entire time since today I present the outfit that was designed by my insanely talented friend, Ania Strelau. Every piece, except for the green blazer (thrift shop trophy), are created by her (also except for shoes, but she did the make up AND took the pictures!). For what I’ve seen so far, Ania doesn’t really go crazy with form and colour – she’s a fan of simplicity in those matters, but what she likes to play with are textures. Combining different kinds of them is also my thing, so I’m very fond of her creations!







Do you have any favourite soon-to-be-big designers?


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The Superpower of Transformation

Last week had past marked by the news on New York Fashion Week – whichever website (even slightly connected to fashion) you visited there was always at least a short note about on-line streaming shows, the hottest pieces from presented collections, important people’s comments, photos of the supermodels… I don’t really feel the urge to summarise all that, simply because you can find all informations somewhere else and I’m not  particularly fond of re-writing notes (and that’s what it would basically be). What I am fond of are different approaches and I would love to share that with you. There it goes!


Yep. That’s Lisa Simpson in chic, adult version of her. Wasn’t Marc Jacobs just the perfect pick for her?


And the coolest of the coolest – Captain Planet all hip and trendy with a little hint of SWAG, straight from any modern artists’ must have list!

Are you wondering what’s going on? The pictures are the result of collaboration of the Italian designer Michele Moricci and the creators of a website with a peculiar adress swaggernewyork.com (if you want to ask the question, how I even got there – don’t. There’s just no good answer to that question, it was a lazy afternoon and I was bored…). Where did the idea come from? Let me quote: ‘while we’re excited to see new looks from the new season, we are not excited to weave through the hordes of bloggers standing around Milk waiting for a street style snap’ (to read the whole thing, click on the Lisa Simpson picture). Fair point, very consistent with my opinion.




imageI think I love Beavis and Butthead the most – how accurate to choose Jeremy Scott for them! Any favourits of your own? 🙂

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