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Great time flashback

Last year I had a great opportunity to attend The International Film Festival of Art of Cinematography Plus Camerimage – it takes place in Poland every November. The story how I got there is long, but to make it short let’s just say that my best friend does things in the movie field (I have very talented friends) and Camerimage is litterally Christmas to him, so after few years he managed to talk me into coming. Wait, that’s actually the whole story…

Last year David Lynch received the Lifetime Achievement Award and also he did a wonderful job with designing the festival poster:


Aside from amazing screenings, absolutely fantastic people and wild parties that usually ended up with having McDonald’s breakfast menu for supper, there was one more phenomenal hit:

Arri Alexa reel with M.I.A. song

Anyways, with this year’s edition of Camerimage coming in two weeks, the thought of it starts to excite me just a little! And so the memory of Bad Girls played before every screening and the entire audience singing it along brought back the figure of M.I.A. herself. As a matter of fact, an interesting news has been overlooked on this blog (yes, this post will be about fashion eventually). In October, somewhere around the time I was celebrating my birthday, M.I.A. launched her collection for Versus Versace! I would describe it as a luxurious hip-hop style with ethnic accents, which is everything that M.I.A. represents in music and because of that I find the collection very authentic.







I wonder which song is going to be massively popular this year (I would be very dissapointed if there was none this time!) and how can it lead me to fashion topics later on…

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Disneyland redefined

When the budget is low and the need to buy something new becomes desperate, we all know what to do. We shop at second hands, and I am no exception. Of course, the clohes are only relatively new, but if you don’t mind spending one of your mornings on doing the search properly, you won’t come back home disappointed.

That’s what I decided to do when I had a day to spare after Coke Live Music Festival. My newest revelation is the Disney Original jumper with Mickey Mouse – I don’t think it’s actually ever been worn and it costed me 3 cheeseburgers at McDonald’s (I sort of like to change prices into the amounts of food/drinks I love – it helps me realise that I really wouldn’t have spent those money on anything better, I mean, McDonald’s – seriously?…).

That’s what it looks like:




And the happy face 🙂


Just to clear my conscience – this jumper wasn’t really found by me, but my friend who I went to the second hand shop with. If you’re reading this – I owe you one!

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