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Moschino’s doing it right!

On Tuesday Jeremy Scott has been announced the new Creative Director of Moschino. How do you feel about that decision?


Personally, I’m good with it. Though Mr Scott’s pieces are too expensive for my student budget, I’m a great fan of his designs!






If the name rings a bell, but you don’t know exactly who to link it to, Jeremy Scott is the guy who dressed Britney Spears for her Toxic music video (the stewardess suit!). As you can see a ove, he also did many collaborations with Adidas, setting a new trend – the teddy bear shoes and jumpers (and many other pieces that are now desired by those who fell deeply for fashion).





Do you remember the post about cartoon characters wearing top labels? Beavis and Butthead ‘appeared’ in Jeremy Scott then:


And this is my favourite of all time Jeremy Scott piece – the Mickey Mouse sunglasses!


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The Superpower of Transformation

Last week had past marked by the news on New York Fashion Week – whichever website (even slightly connected to fashion) you visited there was always at least a short note about on-line streaming shows, the hottest pieces from presented collections, important people’s comments, photos of the supermodels… I don’t really feel the urge to summarise all that, simply because you can find all informations somewhere else and I’m not  particularly fond of re-writing notes (and that’s what it would basically be). What I am fond of are different approaches and I would love to share that with you. There it goes!


Yep. That’s Lisa Simpson in chic, adult version of her. Wasn’t Marc Jacobs just the perfect pick for her?


And the coolest of the coolest – Captain Planet all hip and trendy with a little hint of SWAG, straight from any modern artists’ must have list!

Are you wondering what’s going on? The pictures are the result of collaboration of the Italian designer Michele Moricci and the creators of a website with a peculiar adress swaggernewyork.com (if you want to ask the question, how I even got there – don’t. There’s just no good answer to that question, it was a lazy afternoon and I was bored…). Where did the idea come from? Let me quote: ‘while we’re excited to see new looks from the new season, we are not excited to weave through the hordes of bloggers standing around Milk waiting for a street style snap’ (to read the whole thing, click on the Lisa Simpson picture). Fair point, very consistent with my opinion.




imageI think I love Beavis and Butthead the most – how accurate to choose Jeremy Scott for them! Any favourits of your own? 🙂

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