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Action… Aaaand cut!

I remember when I was 8 or 9 and Britney Spears was on fire. All the little girls wanted to be like her, me included (it must have been heartbreking for my dad to watch me put her records next to my Led Zeppelin album collection – today we would say that as a kid a had a very eclectic taste in music…). Anyway, nothing said ‘I want to be Britney’ more than wearing too little t-shirts that presented your belly button to the world. I did it and you did it too, let’s not speak of it again…

But the ‘uncovered belly’ trend didn’t last for long and at some point got widely criticized by all the fashion icons and we – girls – really needed to stop following Britney’s steps. But it seems like this year we have witnessed a real cropped tops reneissance!

You can see them everywhere – on cool and hip people as well as on graceful and elegant ones. Proof? Here you go:

image image

They go perfect with jeans or any casual clothes, but they can be fixed with majestic and chic pencil skirts. They look amazing combined with high waisted clothes or you can create an outfit with low waisted bottom if you feel brave.

image image image

The examples above are clear – this was a hit and it can look good on anybody provided that once you show your waist, you know what to hide if there’s something to be hidden… I couldn’t resist the sudden ‘cut’ either!



My cropped top policy is simple – I reveal more of my body than usual, I do it in simple colours. Simple doesn’t mean boring though, so the raspberry pink jacket looks vivid, while still classy.





See you guys on Saturday:)

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Project Run(a)way: Part 1

Just a while ago I wrote about Instagram and today I have to again relate to Internet wonders – this time the good, old YouTube.

Some people use it to keep updated with the latest music videos, some people use it for watching funny stuff and I use it to gain new skills – the list is long!

If it wasn’t for YouTube I wouldn’t know how to moonwalk, how to play keyboard, how to sing the Cup Song, I wouldn’t be able to sing the Karmin’s cover of Chris Brown’s ‘Look at me now’, I wouldn’t have seen the tips on how to throw the Great Gatsby party, I wouldn’t know the perfect tennis forehand technique, and so on, and so on…

So when I found myself in need of help with another personal project, I didn’t hestitate for too long. The project itself is… sewing. I wasn’t disappointed with YouTube – you can find thousands of tutorials on how to the stiches, how to cut sleeky fabrics, how to create templates. And so I started with the hem stiches. This is what it should looke like before you start:


Then my first try – not a very succesfull one since you can see the thread:


And the second try – definitely a better one, but I held the fabric too tight:


I also draw the sketch, not a very precise one, but it gives you the idea (also, I really can’t draw very well).


If I had any fabrics in the world this probably wouldn’t be the colour or texture I’d use, but this one was available (it was bought for my ballroom dance dress, but I had to quit dancing for some reasons). So I tried to make the best out of it and chose the colour blocking option. Originally the bottom was meant to be just skirt and the top I imagined as a very stiff and geometric, but now I’m thinking of somehow connecting those two pieces to create a dress. We’ll see 🙂

So I thought I would do the little photo documentary of the process. I’ll let you know how the project goes in a while!

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Disneyland redefined

When the budget is low and the need to buy something new becomes desperate, we all know what to do. We shop at second hands, and I am no exception. Of course, the clohes are only relatively new, but if you don’t mind spending one of your mornings on doing the search properly, you won’t come back home disappointed.

That’s what I decided to do when I had a day to spare after Coke Live Music Festival. My newest revelation is the Disney Original jumper with Mickey Mouse – I don’t think it’s actually ever been worn and it costed me 3 cheeseburgers at McDonald’s (I sort of like to change prices into the amounts of food/drinks I love – it helps me realise that I really wouldn’t have spent those money on anything better, I mean, McDonald’s – seriously?…).

That’s what it looks like:




And the happy face 🙂


Just to clear my conscience – this jumper wasn’t really found by me, but my friend who I went to the second hand shop with. If you’re reading this – I owe you one!

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