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Je parle français un petit peu!

If you think 7 days is not enough to see the entire Paris, then you’re absolutely right. When I go on a trip to a place I’ve never been to before (and Paris was a place like that) I have two visiting strategies:

1. I’m taking it slowly, wandering around the town and chilling in local cafeterias.
2. I’m going completely insane about seeing ALL the landmarks and I run from one place to another, 10 hours a day.

Both ways are equally enjoyable for me, but since Paris is the cradle of great art and most recognizable buildings in the world, I chose option 2. How did it go? Here’s the list of places I’ve managed to honor with my time and attention: Disneyland, Versaille, Norte Dame, Saint Chapelle, Consiergerie, Catacombs, Eiffel Tower, Champs de Mars, Triumphal Arch, Champs Élysées, Louvre, Centre Pompidou, Museum d’Orsay, Napoleon’s tomb, Pere Lachaise, La Cinémathéque Française, Sacre Cœur, Museum of Salvador Dali, Moulin Rouge and Cartier’s exhibition in Grand Palais (for which the line was so long during the day that you had to wait two hours just get the tickets! Luckily, the lady at the entrance instructed us to come back two hours before closure and we waited 20 minutes). Those seven days were absolutely crazy, but fun as hell (and just imagine how educational at the same time!). The wine was cheap, the metro tickets were rip-offs, the frozen lazagna on the balcony of our tiny, little apartment was truly romantical, especially eaten on Valentine’s Day. Perfect, you could say, a perfect trip!






Best €9 ever spent… seriously, it tasted like love.


Now that I’m looking through the pictures – have I eaten anything else but sweets for the past week?…


Going a bit crazy with my friend at Le Café des Chats – a heavenly place where you drink coffee and play with cats (yes, real cats) at the same time!


Ultimately weird art from Louvre…


…aaand from Pompidou.



Got a bit carried away while trying to strike a pose that says “intelectual and amazed” (and then with all the filters – it was just too easy…).





The color for this sofa was chosen from Elsa Schiaparelli color samplers! (museum of Salvador Dali)



La Cinémathéque Française, building designed by Frank Gehry himself!


And of course – the Cartier exhibition!



And the most mundane problem of all trips – how do I pack all my stuff back into the suitcase?…


That would be the end! Thank you my friends for amazing week – Karola for sticking with me and the cuckoo sightseeing plan, and Paula and Tyka for insisting on doing something else as well, like for instance drinking wine and relaxing 🙂

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Great time flashback

Last year I had a great opportunity to attend The International Film Festival of Art of Cinematography Plus Camerimage – it takes place in Poland every November. The story how I got there is long, but to make it short let’s just say that my best friend does things in the movie field (I have very talented friends) and Camerimage is litterally Christmas to him, so after few years he managed to talk me into coming. Wait, that’s actually the whole story…

Last year David Lynch received the Lifetime Achievement Award and also he did a wonderful job with designing the festival poster:


Aside from amazing screenings, absolutely fantastic people and wild parties that usually ended up with having McDonald’s breakfast menu for supper, there was one more phenomenal hit:

Arri Alexa reel with M.I.A. song

Anyways, with this year’s edition of Camerimage coming in two weeks, the thought of it starts to excite me just a little! And so the memory of Bad Girls played before every screening and the entire audience singing it along brought back the figure of M.I.A. herself. As a matter of fact, an interesting news has been overlooked on this blog (yes, this post will be about fashion eventually). In October, somewhere around the time I was celebrating my birthday, M.I.A. launched her collection for Versus Versace! I would describe it as a luxurious hip-hop style with ethnic accents, which is everything that M.I.A. represents in music and because of that I find the collection very authentic.







I wonder which song is going to be massively popular this year (I would be very dissapointed if there was none this time!) and how can it lead me to fashion topics later on…

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Moschino’s doing it right!

On Tuesday Jeremy Scott has been announced the new Creative Director of Moschino. How do you feel about that decision?


Personally, I’m good with it. Though Mr Scott’s pieces are too expensive for my student budget, I’m a great fan of his designs!






If the name rings a bell, but you don’t know exactly who to link it to, Jeremy Scott is the guy who dressed Britney Spears for her Toxic music video (the stewardess suit!). As you can see a ove, he also did many collaborations with Adidas, setting a new trend – the teddy bear shoes and jumpers (and many other pieces that are now desired by those who fell deeply for fashion).





Do you remember the post about cartoon characters wearing top labels? Beavis and Butthead ‘appeared’ in Jeremy Scott then:


And this is my favourite of all time Jeremy Scott piece – the Mickey Mouse sunglasses!


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Crème de la crème – BFA 2013!


We’ve got the list of this year’s British Fashion Award for Model of the Year nominees! Among them Edie Campbell, Sam Rollinson and – won’t be a surprise to anyone I guess – Cara Delevingne.

Do you have your own pick? If not, maybe this little sample of some of those nominated models’ work will help:

1. Edie Campbell



2. Sam Rollinson



3. Cara Delevingne



If you’ve been following this blog you know with no shadow of a doubt that I keep my fingers crossed for Cara Delevingne! I know her omnipresence might be tiring to some of you, but we can’t deny that she’s doing an amazing job as a model – the number of campaigns she starrs in is ridicoulously high, not to mention how many catwalks she walked through during the last two seasons. And the most salient thing – she still surprises! Remember my favourite fashion video? Yep, Cara for YSL!


It’s also worth noticing that if she wins the award it will be her second one in a row.

For the Brand Of The Year category the nominees are Alexander McQueen, Burberry and Victoria Beckham. Another category that I’m looking forward to hear the verdict is Accessory Designer Of The Year, with nominated Charlottle Olympia, Nicholas Kirkwood and my beloved Anya Hindmarch (go Anya!).For the full list of runners for each awards look here!

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An average post

Every once in a while fashion world meets a major dilemma that is absolutely impossible to be solved. The most up-to-date problem would be the matter of plus size models. Interesting thing have been said about that during one of my university courses (completely unrelated to the fashion subject – it was psychology of mental disorders). We were talking about new beauty canons in the context of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia – of course it’s nothing new to say that current model of perfect silhouette encourages young girls to try just about any method to achieve that arbitral perfection, so why won’t the fashion industry save some lives by promoting the new, fuller body shape? As it turns out, it’s pretty easy – I have never thought about this that way, because I’m not too passionate about photography, but the lenses in the cameras are convex, which means whatever stands in front of them seems wider in the picture. That’s why the models have to be so thin – so that they look just right in the photo. Another simple explanation (also pointed out during the same psychology class!) was that the cheek bones need to be as visible as possible, because that’s what makes the face so plastic. If a model has a round face, it’s going to look the same on every picture and every catwalk, despite all the make up and hairdos. And, obviously, what makes a model so valuable is his or her ability to trasform and be unrecognizable and surprising in every photoshoot they work on. Simple matters of technicality and optics!

Ok, let’s leave the professional models alone and let them be skinny, because that’s not what I wanted to discuss. One of the posts on my Facebook wall recently draw my attention – one of the fanpages liked by me shared a cover of a new Dior Magazine with Jennifer Lawrence on it. I looked at the comments and read many opinions, most of them stating that talented Miss Lawrence is… too average for Dior. It got me thinking – surely she may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, especially since it’s mostly the matter of one’s own opinion, but what do we exactly expect a modern woman to look like? Didn’t we go just a little too far with our standards?


Let’s look at the cover. Jennifer’s face is cute, she’s got nice blue eyes, her skin is clearly taken care of, there are no flaws visible at the first sight and quite frankly, I don’t think there are any visible at the second one. She can’t be denied a very nice figure (maybe not Coco Rocha figure, but that’s why I told you to leave the models world for a second – we’re talking about an actress here. It’s worth to mention that Jennifer is strongly against loosing her weight just to please others who suggest so, and she emphasizes that in her interviews very often). And I don’t know how about you, but there’s one hell of an attitude coming from that picture! I don’t see average, I see other kind of beauty – strong, determined and successful.




So if you ask me, Dior made a really good move with hiring Jennifer Lawrence. When we look at photoshoots with professional models we can be awed, we can guess what the story behind the shoot is, what is supposed to be exposed, but usually we know very little about the model herself – what she values most, what she does in her private time, what are her opinions. With other artists – just like actresses or musicians – it is more likely that we read interviews with them, know what kind of films they choose to act in or what kind of values their songs bring to the table. It gives a simple impression of ‘knowing’ the person and identyfying with them. Jennifer doesn’t want to get thinner? Neither do I! But there’s really more to appreciate here than the PR pros. We should sometimes take a little while longer before calling someone ‘average’, because I think we use that word a lot too often.

I think I got a little carried away with with my thoughts on appreciating our surroudings! (I went from Dior cover to enjoying little things – very inspiring and also very corny!). Anyways, let me leave you in this idealistic mood with the average outfit shot in the outstanding weather conditions, among the most beautiful autumn colours you can imagine!









Have a good week everyone! Stay with me for the next post!


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Not a thing to be argued with!

Over the summer I’ve read one of many, many biographies of Gabrielle Chanel (the one written by Lisa Chaney, in case if you were interested). I must say I had in my hands lots of books about that peculiar woman, but none of them were ever finished by me – every single time I was immediately bored by reading the same schematic phrases over and over again. ‘Coco Chanel was so incredible’, ‘Coco Chanel was a revolution to the fashion’, ‘Coco Chanel came from nothing’, ‘Coco Chanel was miserable’ – for how many times can we read the same sentences, especially in the era of Internet? I have all the basic stuff from Wikipedia, if I decide to go for the book, I demand some more informations and some less recurrence.

Anyways, the author of ‘Coco Chanel: An Intimate Life’ didn’t totally avoid triviality, but it also didn’t punch me in the face on every page of the book (it was slightly too long though). I don’t want to write a review, I can only mention that this particular biography does stand out – first of all, I’ve read the whole thing. Then the second reason to choose this one would be that it really contains valuable informations that exapand our knowledge about Chanel in the way that is not too speculative (only a little) and rather objective I think.


Well, why the Chanel post anyway? Because of the quote I’ve read in the book mentioned above that made me think:


Personally I love colours, because they make me happy – I know this is cheesy, but when I wake up and there is a very vivid and literal version of ’50 Shades of Grey’ outside the window, I wear my fuxia blazer and I have summer in my heart again… (this is getting cheesier and cheesier). But I completely share the opinion that if we want to make a great impression and maybe get some attention – black and white is a perfect combination. So for today I have prepared a slightly Chanel-alike outfit (although I just couldn’t resist myself and HAD TO add some colours, but they’re very soft so that black&white are still number one here).










Have a good night everyone!


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Tradition vs Contemporaneity

When somebody asks us about our favourite desginers, there’s a specific bunch of them that comes to our minds automatically: Miuccia Prada, Coco Chanel (or Karl Lagerfeld for that matter), Cristobal Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and other big names of the industries. But is this really still the truth? Do we really blindly follow the fashion icons or do we search for a sense of a personal style in the creations of the young individuals? Is there a place for Hussein Chalayan and Prabal Gurung on the fashion market?


Chalayan’s hat-umbrellas… Want one badly!


Emma Watson in Prabal Gurung…


…and the Dutchess herself in Prabal Gurung as well!

I’m far from stating that I don’t admire the work of the greatest names in fashion industry – they are on the top of the top for a reason. Not to mention, some of those couture houses hire fresh rookies to continue the good job, the perfect example might be Alexander Wang’s time at Balenciaga. But those big brands come with some history, established targets and certain expectations which very often are concidered as a limitation to the young designers’ creativity. Unless, of course, their creative vision is 100% compatibile with all the conditions I’ve mentioned above – a combination like that is a hit that allowes 100 years old couture houses to retain their top title (another example – Christopher Bailey for Burberry).

Nevertheless, the question still stands – how do we feel about fresh ideas, not necessarily written about in Vogue? Well, I think I speak for the whole fashion industry when I say that the situation has changed – we seek for new, for individual, for something with ‘it’ element. And since the strict lines between what’s trendy and what isn’t are blurred, we no longer have to fear about being scrutinized, rather prepare for being praised for having a good eye for interesting accessories or new talents out there.

New talents. That’s where I was heading towards this entire time since today I present the outfit that was designed by my insanely talented friend, Ania Strelau. Every piece, except for the green blazer (thrift shop trophy), are created by her (also except for shoes, but she did the make up AND took the pictures!). For what I’ve seen so far, Ania doesn’t really go crazy with form and colour – she’s a fan of simplicity in those matters, but what she likes to play with are textures. Combining different kinds of them is also my thing, so I’m very fond of her creations!







Do you have any favourite soon-to-be-big designers?


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The Big Return (double meaning)

Forgive me for the long break but new academic year has rised new challenges from it’s very beggining. But now all has been settled and I can calmly go back to my favourite spare time activities, one of them being writing this blog!

I will put some more outfits and I will surprise you with one very specific – you’ll know what I mean quite soon.

But just for today – the news that spreads around the world in the speed of the light: Kate Moss is bringing some more of her awesomeness for us by launching a new collection for Topshop. Given how stunning her previous work has been, I’m all excited (probably with at least half of the people who have any interest in fashion).



To describe the style that we should all expect, the most appropriate would be the following equation:



Do you remember when I wrote about ‘getting the London look’? I suppose I didn’t add any Kate Moss photos then, because it seemed like such an obvious choice and I wanted to go beyond obvious. But the truth is – if you’re a fashion person, you say London – you think Kate Moss. She just seems like she really doesn’t care and yet her looks are strikingly fashionable and detail oriented.


Does my description mean that the line would very probably be predictable? None of that sort, I can only imagine that would be the last word to put under the photos of items she will design. Now all we can do is wait until April (that’s when the collection will hit the stores) and see for ourselves!



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Hermès app for Apple

You think Hermès is an archaic company for people who wear silk scarfs? (And those are Anna Wintour and Helen Mirren).  Well, let me surprise you again! (how full of surprises am I recently?… :D)

First of all, Anna Wintour and Helen Mirren aren’t the only women who wear silk scarfs and certainly they shouldn’t be, because those scarfs are chic and can make you look classy even if you have a sweatshirt on you (it’s not going to be easy, but it’s possible).

Anyways, I’m not here today to convince you about the great value that comes with Hermès products, I’m here rather to discuss the new value that has been appreciated by the Hermès management – Apple products users. Why only Apple? Because the application that has been released works only on IOS system. Ok, now, what the hell am I talking about?

The app is called ‘Silk Knots’ and you can find it under that name in the App Store. What good does it do for us? It shows us how to tie the scarfs, turns out it’s an art and there are more than three ways of wearing them…

imageIn the ‘Knotting Films’ section there are films about knotting scarfs (in case it wasn’t self-explanatory enough). There are six of them, you can choose if you want to see the film or if you want the model to present the technique step by step:

image image


The other section, ‘Knotting Cards’, familiarizes you with the other suggestions for tying the scarfs (here we’ve got much more of them).

image image

And they are visualized by the drawings:

image image

Apart from that, you can also see the past Hermès add campaigns with adorable Karlie Kloss:

image image

And more mature, but equally stunning Polish model Malgorzata Bela:

image image

Another surprise is the Maxi Twilly video – absolutely lovely, I’m crazy about it now! (yes, I admit I haven’t seen that before, but I hadn’t seen the Dior Homme with Robert Pattinson vid until yesterday, so sometimes I just don’t follow… there’s too much out there :P). Back to the topic – does anybody know who is the model from the video? Can’t find the info anywhere!

image image image image image image

And the last thing – new collection! The best thing about that part is that you can change the photo of the scarfs by blowing into the microphone – it really works! Yes, the collection is very nice, but it wouldn’t be even half that fun for me if not for this app.

image image

On the first pictures the scarf goes away (blown by me into the microphone of course), and then the next one came! Amazing.

Is this app good? Well, for me it is, because I think that generally this whole thing with fashion world reaching out to the virtual world is sweet. But aside from that part, I think if you have a lot of scarfs and you really like wearing them, the ideas you’ll find inside the app will be usefu (some of them are quite obvious, but some of them quite not). The photos of Karlie and Malgosia can be found in the Internet, but rarely in such a good quality, which is a very beautiful gift for photo-maniacs like me. The video? Maybe unnecessary, maybe not – as I mentioned, I’ve never seen that before, so I’m glad they put it there.

I just think they could have expanded it to work on more than one operating systems.

But the overall impression is very positive, I hope for more!

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Crazy little thing called coffee

Coffee is a simple drink that I value more than any other (maybe except orange juice… tough choices everywhere). But some time ago I realised that very often it’s not about the coffee itself, it’s about the ritual of sitting down with best friend, ordering the hot beverage from the menu, gossiping and going through the latest trends (or having a completely fashion-unrelated conversations – yes, I can have those as well :)).

The cosy feeling has to be completed with an appropriate, comfortable clothes which I present today to you. Nothing out of your minds, just a simple idea how to dress on this lazy Sunday afternoon…