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Project Run(a)way: part 2

Are you curious how’s my dress going? Well, I’m taking baby steps, but it has moved on.

A little family history – my grandmother used to be a seamstress, she created costums for theatres and operas (she had to design them, so technically I have a member in my family who could call herself an actual designer :)). I obviously didn’t know her during the time she spent working, but I’ve heard that she was one and only, exceptionally talented, irreplaceble. Unfortunately, my mom always kept saying that she herself has two left hands for sewing, which I believed and didn’t question (although, she did sew lot’s of cool stuff for my Barbie’s, the wedding dress could have been worn by Kate Middleton…). Anyways, even if my mom is a little challenged on the creative side, she does know the technique. At least she knows the basics and it was enough to tell me, that everything I’ve done so far was pointless…

It turns out that you do the hem stiches as a final touch, so given the fact that they were the hero of my first post – I really couldn’t have chosen the worse order… 🙂 still, nobody knows better than my mom that if you criticise, you have to do it costructively, so here’s what I’ve done, following her further suggestions.

Hem stiches are out, but the shape of the bottom is created – I knew exactly which shape I wanted and it was essential to fold the material properly. I chose to do it like that:

image image

The lenght of the foldings, as well as the gaps between them, must be even, so you have to measure each and every one of them. Then I measured my waist, measured the lenght of the fabric I need, added extra 4 cm for the zipper and cut the fabric all the way down.




Then I secured the foldings with the thread (I think it’s called ‘tacking’). As you can see, there are two ‘lines’ of thread – it’s because you secure the fabric from left to right and from right to left.


So changes have been made, a lesson has been learned. Now I’m hunting for a perfect top fabric and the zipper!

imagePS. Have you seen Burberry show? It was streamed on-line 20 minutes ago, I think it’s stunning!

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Project Run(a)way: Part 1

Just a while ago I wrote about Instagram and today I have to again relate to Internet wonders – this time the good, old YouTube.

Some people use it to keep updated with the latest music videos, some people use it for watching funny stuff and I use it to gain new skills – the list is long!

If it wasn’t for YouTube I wouldn’t know how to moonwalk, how to play keyboard, how to sing the Cup Song, I wouldn’t be able to sing the Karmin’s cover of Chris Brown’s ‘Look at me now’, I wouldn’t have seen the tips on how to throw the Great Gatsby party, I wouldn’t know the perfect tennis forehand technique, and so on, and so on…

So when I found myself in need of help with another personal project, I didn’t hestitate for too long. The project itself is… sewing. I wasn’t disappointed with YouTube – you can find thousands of tutorials on how to the stiches, how to cut sleeky fabrics, how to create templates. And so I started with the hem stiches. This is what it should looke like before you start:


Then my first try – not a very succesfull one since you can see the thread:


And the second try – definitely a better one, but I held the fabric too tight:


I also draw the sketch, not a very precise one, but it gives you the idea (also, I really can’t draw very well).


If I had any fabrics in the world this probably wouldn’t be the colour or texture I’d use, but this one was available (it was bought for my ballroom dance dress, but I had to quit dancing for some reasons). So I tried to make the best out of it and chose the colour blocking option. Originally the bottom was meant to be just skirt and the top I imagined as a very stiff and geometric, but now I’m thinking of somehow connecting those two pieces to create a dress. We’ll see 🙂

So I thought I would do the little photo documentary of the process. I’ll let you know how the project goes in a while!

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