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The Chic-leader

There’s a dream that many girls (I don’t dare to say all of them) dream in their younghood. It’s an American Dream, but not in a “from rags to riches” sense, rather in from “high school average girl to the head of a cheerleading squad” sense. Yes, dear everyone – it’s a post about cheerleading.

At first it had nothing to do with females – “Princeton Cheer” was reserved for male Princeton students who were yelling “Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Tiger! S-s-s-t! Boom! A-h-h-h!”. Makes no sense, but current cheering lines don’t make much of it either. The term “Cheer Leader” itself came to life in 1897 (still reffering to men only – that hasn’t changed until 1907). In 1903 first cheerleading fraternity was created and four years later girls started joining Gamma Sigma. Screaming out short words divided into vibrant syllables became mostly girlish during… World War II, when men were the ones who needed their motivation maintained high during a fight – a fight quite different from the one being fought on a football field.

Right now cheerleading is less about yelling and more about physical action, which is undeniably nicer to look at. The level of modern cheerleader’s condition is comparable to the one of professional gymnasts. Hellcats shed a different light on the often neglected issue of cheerleading (yeah, you can say you haven’t watched it – you know you did…). Soaring piruets, intricate pyramids, one-leg jumps onto the upright hand of a cheer-friend – those are just a few breathtaking tricks you can watch all over YouTube (or in Hellcats episodes, but you knew that already).

Another film closely related to the topic of cheerleading is American Beauty. The most American movie of all – where the production design is all set in three colors: red, white and blue. Yes, you got it right – like an American flag. And I think those three tones are very often used as a color palette for cheerleader’s costumes, which would have to be due to the fact, that America is, after all, the alma mater of cheerleading. (As if out of spite, out of all the sceneries, frames and accessories in American Beauty that were designed in Blue-Red-White shadows, Mena Suvari’s cheer-suit is… white and green. Why, costume designer Julie Weiss, why?).

Why the cheerleading post anyway? Well, I can’t deny I have some unfulfilled dreams from earlier times in my life. A ballerina and a cheerleader – two proffesions for which it’s too late for me, it was difficult, but I’ve come to terms with it. Still there’s a part inside of me that winks archly at the sight of any cheerleading accessories, so when last season Local Heroes desgined USA-ish collection with one the pieces being LOCAL CHEERLEADER muscle dress, I really couldn’t help myself. I bought it immediately, but I was thinking of a way I could accomodate the dress in a less obvious way that just with a pair of good old red Chucks Taylors. The idea came with strikingly good-looking red heels, and the mysteriously asked, unfinished question: what if?…

How do you like a cheerleader seen from a slightly different perspective? πŸ™‚



















Thank you Jane for your endless effort to make those picutes so easy to look at – even when I decide to wear a mimi dress right after Easter food debauchery πŸ˜›


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How I became a rebel

I bought an asymmetric green dress two years ago when they were a big hit – I didn’t particularly like the cut in general, but this one looked really beautiful. The purpose of this purchase was to wear it for New Year’s Eve party and guess what? I wore the dress and everybody else wore sweatshirts and sneakers. To make it all even worse I didn’t know majority of the people participating in the party, to be completely honest – I didn’t even know the host (it was one of those times you wake up on 31st of December and think: “Holy shit! It’s New Year’s Eve. What do I do?”). So, naturally, all the guests thought I was a terrbily overdressed terrible stuck-up, and I was number one avoided person for the rest of the night. Thank God a few of my friends were there for a rescue… It was, nevertheless, the worst New Year’s Eve party of my life.

After that incident I thought I had to be more careful. The dress looks incredibly festive so next time I wear I really have to make sure it’s a proper occasion. And so last week (two years later) I was searching through my dresses, pulled this one out and caught myself asking questions: will I ever wear it again? Is it even still fashionable?…

I must say I’m really digging the idea of trends getting blurred and that we should wear whatever feels true to us. I tried the dress on (“Does it still fit me?” was a question that came right after the other ones…) and I immodestly decided that I look pretty damn good in it. If only I had some sort of “special occasion” coming up so I can wear it as an outfit for my blog… And there came a revolution. Why not wear it casually?

Such a common mistake women make is they keep their best clothes for celebrations and galas – what a waste of great outfits! I’ve heard this one before, but I guess I had to learn it on my own – wearing that dress with casual accessories made me feel less overdressed on an average day on the street than I felt on a New Year’s Eve party. A party that should be all about elegant gowns and black suede shoes! SO: to your closets! Find whatever you always felt was too decorative for every-day wearing and wear it tomorrow. Be a rebel.

(Correction: I didn’t feel just less overdressed while shooting this outfit, I didn’t feel overdressed AT ALL.)










This ivory lacy vest was made by my Granny (she used to be a seamstress and costume designers for theatres ans operas). My mom needed it for a party when she was just about my age! It’s real vintage πŸ™‚

I guess I should have eaten a smaller breakfast…





Thank to Janina Jungiewicz for taking those beautiful pictures, yet again πŸ™‚


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An Ink Test and a Mad Wall

I really wouldn’t be a psychology student if this dress print didn’t remind me of Rorschach’s Inklebot Test. It consists of several boards with colorful ink spots and the potential participant of the examination is supposed to interpret it by pointing out the answer that is most adequate in his/her opinion. The accuracy of this test is of course controversial, but out of all the psychology research tools this one’s by far most artistic.

The results of Inklebot Test are diversified, and so can be the context of wearing that dress. Which is exactly why I love it. I wore it for Christmas Eve with silver jewellery and it was festive. I wore it for bussiness training with black jacket and it was formal. Today I wore it with denim and it’s super fun, especially with futuristic white sunglasses and in front of South-American style graffiti. (It’s the graffiti we have vis-Γ -vis the local library, isn’t my study-town just awesome?). There’s also a rabbit-cangaroo hybrid on a leash next to it, which I don’t think quite matches, but in a very strange way – it does… it’s a mad wall, let’s say. It’s a “Donnie Darko meets Alice in Wonderland in Peru”.

The graffiti may seem familiar in the usage of colors, and not just because you have a picture from your trip to Venezuela as a screensaver. The latino street art was a major part of latest Prada project The Heart Of Multitude. Six muralists: Gabriel Specter, El Mac, Mesa, Pierre Mornet, Stinkfish and Jeanne Detallante, were invited to decorate the Milano show space with their illustrations “to engage themes of femininity, representation, power, and multiplicity”. But if you didn’t have the pleasure of attending Prada’s fashion show, you can still find some of the women portaits on Prada’s handbag collection for Spring/Summer 2014 (which is now, finally and thankfully).

Hope you like the photos πŸ™‚ (by the way, I think I nailed the movie reference thing)













Have a great week! πŸ™‚


Photos are taken by Janina Jungiewicz, who just keeps getting better at this! πŸ™‚

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