How I became a rebel

I bought an asymmetric green dress two years ago when they were a big hit – I didn’t particularly like the cut in general, but this one looked really beautiful. The purpose of this purchase was to wear it for New Year’s Eve party and guess what? I wore the dress and everybody else wore sweatshirts and sneakers. To make it all even worse I didn’t know majority of the people participating in the party, to be completely honest – I didn’t even know the host (it was one of those times you wake up on 31st of December and think: “Holy shit! It’s New Year’s Eve. What do I do?”). So, naturally, all the guests thought I was a terrbily overdressed terrible stuck-up, and I was number one avoided person for the rest of the night. Thank God a few of my friends were there for a rescue… It was, nevertheless, the worst New Year’s Eve party of my life.

After that incident I thought I had to be more careful. The dress looks incredibly festive so next time I wear I really have to make sure it’s a proper occasion. And so last week (two years later) I was searching through my dresses, pulled this one out and caught myself asking questions: will I ever wear it again? Is it even still fashionable?…

I must say I’m really digging the idea of trends getting blurred and that we should wear whatever feels true to us. I tried the dress on (“Does it still fit me?” was a question that came right after the other ones…) and I immodestly decided that I look pretty damn good in it. If only I had some sort of “special occasion” coming up so I can wear it as an outfit for my blog… And there came a revolution. Why not wear it casually?

Such a common mistake women make is they keep their best clothes for celebrations and galas – what a waste of great outfits! I’ve heard this one before, but I guess I had to learn it on my own – wearing that dress with casual accessories made me feel less overdressed on an average day on the street than I felt on a New Year’s Eve party. A party that should be all about elegant gowns and black suede shoes! SO: to your closets! Find whatever you always felt was too decorative for every-day wearing and wear it tomorrow. Be a rebel.

(Correction: I didn’t feel just less overdressed while shooting this outfit, I didn’t feel overdressed AT ALL.)










This ivory lacy vest was made by my Granny (she used to be a seamstress and costume designers for theatres ans operas). My mom needed it for a party when she was just about my age! It’s real vintage 🙂

I guess I should have eaten a smaller breakfast…





Thank to Janina Jungiewicz for taking those beautiful pictures, yet again 🙂


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