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Je parle français un petit peu!

If you think 7 days is not enough to see the entire Paris, then you’re absolutely right. When I go on a trip to a place I’ve never been to before (and Paris was a place like that) I have two visiting strategies:

1. I’m taking it slowly, wandering around the town and chilling in local cafeterias.
2. I’m going completely insane about seeing ALL the landmarks and I run from one place to another, 10 hours a day.

Both ways are equally enjoyable for me, but since Paris is the cradle of great art and most recognizable buildings in the world, I chose option 2. How did it go? Here’s the list of places I’ve managed to honor with my time and attention: Disneyland, Versaille, Norte Dame, Saint Chapelle, Consiergerie, Catacombs, Eiffel Tower, Champs de Mars, Triumphal Arch, Champs Élysées, Louvre, Centre Pompidou, Museum d’Orsay, Napoleon’s tomb, Pere Lachaise, La Cinémathéque Française, Sacre Cœur, Museum of Salvador Dali, Moulin Rouge and Cartier’s exhibition in Grand Palais (for which the line was so long during the day that you had to wait two hours just get the tickets! Luckily, the lady at the entrance instructed us to come back two hours before closure and we waited 20 minutes). Those seven days were absolutely crazy, but fun as hell (and just imagine how educational at the same time!). The wine was cheap, the metro tickets were rip-offs, the frozen lazagna on the balcony of our tiny, little apartment was truly romantical, especially eaten on Valentine’s Day. Perfect, you could say, a perfect trip!






Best €9 ever spent… seriously, it tasted like love.


Now that I’m looking through the pictures – have I eaten anything else but sweets for the past week?…


Going a bit crazy with my friend at Le Café des Chats – a heavenly place where you drink coffee and play with cats (yes, real cats) at the same time!


Ultimately weird art from Louvre…


…aaand from Pompidou.



Got a bit carried away while trying to strike a pose that says “intelectual and amazed” (and then with all the filters – it was just too easy…).





The color for this sofa was chosen from Elsa Schiaparelli color samplers! (museum of Salvador Dali)



La Cinémathéque Française, building designed by Frank Gehry himself!


And of course – the Cartier exhibition!



And the most mundane problem of all trips – how do I pack all my stuff back into the suitcase?…


That would be the end! Thank you my friends for amazing week – Karola for sticking with me and the cuckoo sightseeing plan, and Paula and Tyka for insisting on doing something else as well, like for instance drinking wine and relaxing 🙂

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THINGS are happening

As the title shows, something has been going on – something that for a while made me drop my beloved blog! Not for much longer (I hope), since I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you guys a lot!

But I guess a little bit of explanation wouldn’t hurt… So I have been working for a new on-line fashion magazine – Mess Magazine! If you haven’t come across it, here are all the informations you need:

Mess Website

Mess Facebook Fanpage

Mess Instagram

Mess 1st Issue

Actually, those are not all the informations you need. So here’s more – all the felietons you could have read on my blog are now being published via Mess website or Mess issue (only one has been released yet, in January, but we’re trying to keep it monthly!). That’s why I needed some time to think about reorganising Pepper Issue a bit, so I don’t have to cover the same topics twice. I came up with the solution – I think I want Pepper to be more of a ‘lifestyle’ blog from now on (but still within the boundaries of good taste, so don’t expect daily selfies or what’s on my menu for lunch…).

Take a look at what the first issue of Mess Magazine looked like. I wrote a piece about Karl Lagerfeld (but don’t get the wrong idea – it’s not another song of praise, quite the opposite…).


I also played a little ‘fashion police’ with the Golden Globes looks (it’s kind of addictive, you know – judging…).


And tried to be a pro describing some of the Spring/Summer 2014 collections 🙂


My writing is not the only reason for you to take a look at the current issue of Mess Magazine – this is just a tiny sample of many beautiful editorials featured!


And once you’re done with reading and appreciating the issue, you can go for a daily update on the website (comes in handy especially during the big fashion month):


That’s absolutely all of advertising for tonight (although it doesn’t feel wrong – I love MessMag and I hope for you to love it too!). I think I know how to get back on track with this blog – tomorrow I’m going on an amazing trip to Paris with my best friends and I hope there will be a lot to share with you! But for now I am in a bit of a trap, the one that you all know very well – what to wear? Hopefully you’ll see for yourself soon on the blog! Keep on checking for the new post.


You can also follow me on the Instagram!

All the photos, except for the one with my chaotic suitcase, are courtesy of Mess Magazine.

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