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Every once in a while fashion world meets a major dilemma that is absolutely impossible to be solved. The most up-to-date problem would be the matter of plus size models. Interesting thing have been said about that during one of my university courses (completely unrelated to the fashion subject – it was psychology of mental disorders). We were talking about new beauty canons in the context of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia – of course it’s nothing new to say that current model of perfect silhouette encourages young girls to try just about any method to achieve that arbitral perfection, so why won’t the fashion industry save some lives by promoting the new, fuller body shape? As it turns out, it’s pretty easy – I have never thought about this that way, because I’m not too passionate about photography, but the lenses in the cameras are convex, which means whatever stands in front of them seems wider in the picture. That’s why the models have to be so thin – so that they look just right in the photo. Another simple explanation (also pointed out during the same psychology class!) was that the cheek bones need to be as visible as possible, because that’s what makes the face so plastic. If a model has a round face, it’s going to look the same on every picture and every catwalk, despite all the make up and hairdos. And, obviously, what makes a model so valuable is his or her ability to trasform and be unrecognizable and surprising in every photoshoot they work on. Simple matters of technicality and optics!

Ok, let’s leave the professional models alone and let them be skinny, because that’s not what I wanted to discuss. One of the posts on my Facebook wall recently draw my attention – one of the fanpages liked by me shared a cover of a new Dior Magazine with Jennifer Lawrence on it. I looked at the comments and read many opinions, most of them stating that talented Miss Lawrence is… too average for Dior. It got me thinking – surely she may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, especially since it’s mostly the matter of one’s own opinion, but what do we exactly expect a modern woman to look like? Didn’t we go just a little too far with our standards?


Let’s look at the cover. Jennifer’s face is cute, she’s got nice blue eyes, her skin is clearly taken care of, there are no flaws visible at the first sight and quite frankly, I don’t think there are any visible at the second one. She can’t be denied a very nice figure (maybe not Coco Rocha figure, but that’s why I told you to leave the models world for a second – we’re talking about an actress here. It’s worth to mention that Jennifer is strongly against loosing her weight just to please others who suggest so, and she emphasizes that in her interviews very often). And I don’t know how about you, but there’s one hell of an attitude coming from that picture! I don’t see average, I see other kind of beauty – strong, determined and successful.




So if you ask me, Dior made a really good move with hiring Jennifer Lawrence. When we look at photoshoots with professional models we can be awed, we can guess what the story behind the shoot is, what is supposed to be exposed, but usually we know very little about the model herself – what she values most, what she does in her private time, what are her opinions. With other artists – just like actresses or musicians – it is more likely that we read interviews with them, know what kind of films they choose to act in or what kind of values their songs bring to the table. It gives a simple impression of ‘knowing’ the person and identyfying with them. Jennifer doesn’t want to get thinner? Neither do I! But there’s really more to appreciate here than the PR pros. We should sometimes take a little while longer before calling someone ‘average’, because I think we use that word a lot too often.

I think I got a little carried away with with my thoughts on appreciating our surroudings! (I went from Dior cover to enjoying little things – very inspiring and also very corny!). Anyways, let me leave you in this idealistic mood with the average outfit shot in the outstanding weather conditions, among the most beautiful autumn colours you can imagine!









Have a good week everyone! Stay with me for the next post!


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