The Big Return (double meaning)

Forgive me for the long break but new academic year has rised new challenges from it’s very beggining. But now all has been settled and I can calmly go back to my favourite spare time activities, one of them being writing this blog!

I will put some more outfits and I will surprise you with one very specific – you’ll know what I mean quite soon.

But just for today – the news that spreads around the world in the speed of the light: Kate Moss is bringing some more of her awesomeness for us by launching a new collection for Topshop. Given how stunning her previous work has been, I’m all excited (probably with at least half of the people who have any interest in fashion).



To describe the style that we should all expect, the most appropriate would be the following equation:



Do you remember when I wrote about ‘getting the London look’? I suppose I didn’t add any Kate Moss photos then, because it seemed like such an obvious choice and I wanted to go beyond obvious. But the truth is – if you’re a fashion person, you say London – you think Kate Moss. She just seems like she really doesn’t care and yet her looks are strikingly fashionable and detail oriented.


Does my description mean that the line would very probably be predictable? None of that sort, I can only imagine that would be the last word to put under the photos of items she will design. Now all we can do is wait until April (that’s when the collection will hit the stores) and see for ourselves!



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