Hermès app for Apple

You think Hermès is an archaic company for people who wear silk scarfs? (And those are Anna Wintour and Helen Mirren).  Well, let me surprise you again! (how full of surprises am I recently?… :D)

First of all, Anna Wintour and Helen Mirren aren’t the only women who wear silk scarfs and certainly they shouldn’t be, because those scarfs are chic and can make you look classy even if you have a sweatshirt on you (it’s not going to be easy, but it’s possible).

Anyways, I’m not here today to convince you about the great value that comes with Hermès products, I’m here rather to discuss the new value that has been appreciated by the Hermès management – Apple products users. Why only Apple? Because the application that has been released works only on IOS system. Ok, now, what the hell am I talking about?

The app is called ‘Silk Knots’ and you can find it under that name in the App Store. What good does it do for us? It shows us how to tie the scarfs, turns out it’s an art and there are more than three ways of wearing them…

imageIn the ‘Knotting Films’ section there are films about knotting scarfs (in case it wasn’t self-explanatory enough). There are six of them, you can choose if you want to see the film or if you want the model to present the technique step by step:

image image


The other section, ‘Knotting Cards’, familiarizes you with the other suggestions for tying the scarfs (here we’ve got much more of them).

image image

And they are visualized by the drawings:

image image

Apart from that, you can also see the past Hermès add campaigns with adorable Karlie Kloss:

image image

And more mature, but equally stunning Polish model Malgorzata Bela:

image image

Another surprise is the Maxi Twilly video – absolutely lovely, I’m crazy about it now! (yes, I admit I haven’t seen that before, but I hadn’t seen the Dior Homme with Robert Pattinson vid until yesterday, so sometimes I just don’t follow… there’s too much out there :P). Back to the topic – does anybody know who is the model from the video? Can’t find the info anywhere!

image image image image image image

And the last thing – new collection! The best thing about that part is that you can change the photo of the scarfs by blowing into the microphone – it really works! Yes, the collection is very nice, but it wouldn’t be even half that fun for me if not for this app.

image image

On the first pictures the scarf goes away (blown by me into the microphone of course), and then the next one came! Amazing.

Is this app good? Well, for me it is, because I think that generally this whole thing with fashion world reaching out to the virtual world is sweet. But aside from that part, I think if you have a lot of scarfs and you really like wearing them, the ideas you’ll find inside the app will be usefu (some of them are quite obvious, but some of them quite not). The photos of Karlie and Malgosia can be found in the Internet, but rarely in such a good quality, which is a very beautiful gift for photo-maniacs like me. The video? Maybe unnecessary, maybe not – as I mentioned, I’ve never seen that before, so I’m glad they put it there.

I just think they could have expanded it to work on more than one operating systems.

But the overall impression is very positive, I hope for more!

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