Anya Hindmarch on her own Planet

Have you ever heard of this marvellous handbags designer, Anya Hindmarch?


She does an outstanding job, she has an exceptional eye for details and sense of what’s stylish, but will last for sasons. As you can read in the ‘About‘ section at her website, top models and artists love her – you can see her little pieces of art (some of them not so little actually :)) on some quite famous shoulders such as Alexa Chung’s, Florence Welsh’s, Kate Moss’s, Cara Delevingne’s or Catherine Middleton’s. That’s quite a company to brag about!



Anya hit this year’s London Fashion Week with an amazing show – you can watch it right here and I strongly recommend that move, you won’t be disappointed. Seeing all the handbags slowly rising up to the ceiling, forming a star constellation – well I could only wish I had seen it live instead of online…




Although this year Anya Hindmarch went beyond her creativity and created a whole marketing strategy for new collection around Solar System! If you were a guest at her show, you got a card with the Planet you come from, your Zodiac sign, Chinese animal from the year you were born, with whom you share your birthday, which movie received an Oscar that year, what is your birth stone… But don’t be downhearted – even if you weren’t an official guest at Anya’s show, there is a virtual version – you just put your name and date of birth! (Click on the photo below to visit this website)


If you were following my blog from the very beggining you might remember the story of me checking out October ’91 issues covers instead of checking my birthday-mates. So this is the first time I’ve actually heard that I share my birthday with… Rita Hayworth! This is for some reason a ridiculously nice news for me, since she is my favourite 40’s actress! (I couldn’t believe this, had to double check on Wikipedia!)


I know some will say that this is preposterous, but let’s not forget that this is a part of a consequent campaign which was build around galaxy and all of it’s content, so go and have fun with your own Voyage of Self-Discovery!

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