The Bikini Controversy

Every summer comes with fun and relax, but also with the same problem that every girl and women struggles through – to buy a perfect swimwear piece. The problem is even bigger if you’re not a size 0 model and your breasts doesn’t fit into A cup. Somehow, even in the ‘stores-for-everyone’ like H&M or New Look you will have a hard time finding sizes for fuller figures.

It doesn’t get any better if you’re generally slim, because while it happens for the designers to think about curvy girls with bigger breast (rarely, but still), they certainly almost never consider the possibilty that size 8 might wear a cup in size bigger than B. It brings some of us to the point of great frustration and it usually brings all of us to the views of mismatched bikinis on the beach…

About 6 years ago I met a girl on a language camp and we became friends, but unfortunately we lived on two different ends of our country, very far away for each other. We stayed in touch by talking on the phone and sending e-mails. Finally, after a year, my parents let me go and stay at her place for a week. I brought my camera and one time we sat at the computer and watched the photos I took earlier this summer. I must say my friend had a pretty enigmatic face expression when the pictures of me on the coast appeared. I knew she wanted to say something that would probably make me feel uncomfortable – maybe I’ve gained some weight since the camp or grew my hair too long? I was too afraid to encourage her comment, but eventually she just couldn’t resist herself and burst: “Don’t get me wrong – you look good, but buy youself a new goddamn bikini. The one that fits!”.

So I’ve learned two things from that painfully honest situation – yes, it looks badly, and yes, people can see it. Now that I’m on vacations I spend a lot of time on the beach and I see mistake after mistake, too small, too big (but mostly too small…), it’s unusual to see someone with perfectly fitted swimsuit (and surprise – very ofted those ‘perfect-bikini’ cases are skinny girls with small breasts. But just to be clear – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a silouette that isn’t androgynous,, I’m still blaming the swimwear designers. For example – yesterday me and my friend that I’m spending the vacation with, saw a lady, an older lady who was more than curvy, but she wore a classic black one-piece swimsuit. It covered the strategic places and the lady looked very nice in it – in fact, she looked so nice that I decided to mention her as an example that it’s possible to look great on the beach, aside from the shape of your body. You only need to take your time and find a proper swimsuit). I don’t want to sound too radical, but I think it’s better to wear a t-shirt or cropped t-shirt on the beach than the bikini that reveales too much… After all, you wouldn’t wear a jacket with too short sleeves or a skirt that doesn’t zip, would you?…

Another thing that gives me shivers on the beach are thongs. What is it about them that even women with an obvious problem with cellulite wear them?… When I see that, I always have this almost irresistable urge to comment on it with Top Gun’s character Stinger words: ‘Son, you’re ego’s writing checks that your body can’t cash.’ I know cellulite is a natural problem, but if you can wear regular bottoms, why wear thongs? And girls with flawless legs and no cellulite – still, why thongs?… Don’t do that. Seriously.

Those are the few thoughts I had on my trip to Bulgaria, and I would like to leave you with a photo of P E R F E C T two-pieces black swimsuit with a retro touch (high-waisted bottom). Never saw a swimsuit that even resembles the one in the picture though you might think that it’s the simplest thing you could ever imagine… Well, I’ve already figured out that the simplest is always the hardest to find, no matter what you’re looking for… 🙂


One thought on “The Bikini Controversy

  1. taliaegreen says:

    Love your style! Totally a retro lover as well. fabulous suit!

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