Action… Aaaand cut!

I remember when I was 8 or 9 and Britney Spears was on fire. All the little girls wanted to be like her, me included (it must have been heartbreking for my dad to watch me put her records next to my Led Zeppelin album collection – today we would say that as a kid a had a very eclectic taste in music…). Anyway, nothing said ‘I want to be Britney’ more than wearing too little t-shirts that presented your belly button to the world. I did it and you did it too, let’s not speak of it again…

But the ‘uncovered belly’ trend didn’t last for long and at some point got widely criticized by all the fashion icons and we – girls – really needed to stop following Britney’s steps. But it seems like this year we have witnessed a real cropped tops reneissance!

You can see them everywhere – on cool and hip people as well as on graceful and elegant ones. Proof? Here you go:

image image

They go perfect with jeans or any casual clothes, but they can be fixed with majestic and chic pencil skirts. They look amazing combined with high waisted clothes or you can create an outfit with low waisted bottom if you feel brave.

image image image

The examples above are clear – this was a hit and it can look good on anybody provided that once you show your waist, you know what to hide if there’s something to be hidden… I couldn’t resist the sudden ‘cut’ either!



My cropped top policy is simple – I reveal more of my body than usual, I do it in simple colours. Simple doesn’t mean boring though, so the raspberry pink jacket looks vivid, while still classy.





See you guys on Saturday:)

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3 thoughts on “Action… Aaaand cut!

  1. Love the photographs you have shared. Crop top looks great and there is something to go with all kinds of outfit! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Do visit my blog as well :

  2. kamis says:

    damn, girl! u look fabulous!! xoxo

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