Covering the covers

I think this year we’re all a little bit disappointed with the September issues’ covers. They usually don’t surprise (as Kate Upton for Elle US – red, skin-tight dress and hairstyle á la Marylin Monroe, signed with the line ‘Hello Sexy’. For how long will the fashion world try to prove to us that she’s hot? We already know it, now try something new, please…).


Vogue US didn’t really do such a great job either – all you can see on the cover is Jennifer Lawrence’s face, which is an undeniably nice face, but for all I know she could be naked. Not convincing at all when it comes to such an important fashion magazine…


InStyle is a magazine that presents outfits more accessible for women, but I think that for a September issue they could jump just a little bit out of their comfort zone. As I read somewhere (sadly, can’t remember the source), ‘you can practically see Drew’s disappointment with all this…’


And seriosuly, what is princess Diana doing on a Vanity Fair cover?… Of course, there are some good covers – Daria Werbowy for Vogue UK, SJP for the subscribers edition of Harper’s Bazaar US,  Scarlett for HB Australia, Doutzen Kroes for Vogue Italia, but none of them are breathtaking I think. The closest to ‘breathtaking’ would be the 90’s models on the covers (yes, plural) of Interview Magazine.




This year it was also a first September issue of Harper’s Bazaar Poland and I would just love to say that the cover was a game changer, but sadly – it really wasn’t… I think this is actually the most depressing cover I’ve ever seen in my entire life. This is truly a bitter pill for me since I LOVE Olivia Wilde, I think she’s absurdly beautiful and this photo is just unfair to her…


Fortunately, Olivia’s photoshoot is much better than you could tell by judging the cover, but I still think that someone else stole her thunder here – Candice Swanepoel. Shot by Terry Richardson, she looks amazing wearing luxurious clothes in such raw surroudings. The idea may not be new, but it looks fresh anyway. Even though Richardson is said to be unable to shoot models that are not at least half-naked, this photoshoot is simply amazing (actually, it was presented in August issue of HB US and this is only a reprint, but a damn good one!). The last photo in this post will be the one that utterly astonished me:


If you have any favourits of your own – share them! 🙂

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One thought on “Covering the covers

  1. May says:

    One idea, completely different interpretation, not to mention all on the same day!
    Some say great minds think alike 🙂

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