The Donna element

After many years of arguing with my mother about fashion, she finally understands my right to dress they way I want, and I understand her right to sometimes disapprove. There’s only one matter on which we could never really bury the hatchet – the pencil skirts.

While I am fully aware of how flattering and surprisingly slimming for any woman they are, I can’t get rid of the impression that when I wear one I look like I went out from my office to pick up a quick lunch. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s anything demeaning about a job in the office, only I don’t have one, that’s my point.

But then I saw something that made me actually want to wear pencil skirts every once in a while, despite lacking the corpo-career. So what, or rather who has changed my ridiculously stubborn mind?

Donna. The name that always used to bring memories of Grey’s Anatomy episode about a tranvestite and which now represents to me the ultimate femininity. All that thanks to TV law/financial drama – Suits.


The two quick-witted protagonists in that show, Harvey Specter and Mike Ross, are strikingly good looking and tough to argue with. But while they’re having their little movie quotes battles, somebody has to make a compelling background, and it’s not the young and ambitious Rachel Zane, it’s the hot know-it-all red head, Donna.



It’s not simply about her clothing style, it’s not simply about her looks and it’s not simply her spicy sense of humour. She has this ‘it’ element that makes her the whole package. In other words – Harvey’s secretary is every man’s fantasy.


So inspired by her (and suddenly tempted to work at the law firm) I decided to have in my wardrobe at least one ‘Donna outfit’, but a little bit more edgy. I always think that you have to watch out not to dress too frivolously as well as not to dress too conservatively for your age. Every rule goes both ways, it’s never headed towards just one direction.


Pencil dress with an animal print in restrained colours – enough Donna style, while still my own. The dress was purchased in TK Maxx, bag is a gift from my mom (Batycki).


The golden watch (ok, it’s not really golden :)) and adorable shoes are both from my currently favourite store Mohito.



When I grow up I wanna be Donna!

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