Magic Box

As a little girl nothing in my mom’s closet attracted me more than the jewellery. All sparkling, but not trashy, stylish, but every piece was different from another – from the very beginning I knew exactly what are girls’ best friends, didn’t even need to hear that from Marylin Monroe. I will always remember the night my parents went to some fancy ball and mom had a bun decorated with bobby pins with pearls – I thought I’ll never see something chic like that ever again. As the time passed I saw many chic things – Valentino gowns, Manolo shoes, Michael Kors bags, but the image of that mom’s hairstyle will stay with me forever.

Beautiful things need a beautiful wrapping, and so we had many pretty jewellery-boxes or – as I like to call them – Magic Boxes. The best part of them were the second and third bottoms or tiny sliding compartments – at least I concidered that the best thing when I was a kid. What counts to me right now is an order, the illusive concept to which I thought I would never get used.

But as Regina Spektor sings, life inside the magic box ain’t easy (actually, she sings that about the music box, but it goes along with the word “magic” as well…). I have my own Magic Box that provides an order for me, because nothing bugs me more than strangled chains and earrings impossible to find…


This particular Magic Box is intended to serve for travelling. Since I always had problem with completing the perfect jewellery set for journeys, I had this brilliant idea to do it once and for good. The Magic Box above contains my favourite and most wearable items, I never unpack it, it’s ready to be put in a suitcase anytime. And it’s cute.






I already tested it – if during a journey I don’t plan to have any events that require some special jewellery – it’s absolutely faultless. And if an event like that happens spontaniously – well, I always say that fashion is also about operating on items currently avaliable… 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Magic Box

  1. raspberry says:

    My favorite post! Where did you buy the earrings from 5th photo? I love them! ❤

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