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The hipsters community has grown dramatically for the last few years, along with the atributes that are now assigned to them. The list is long: specific ‘nerdy’ eyewear, clothing that makes you wonder if homeless or hipster, hats, iPhones, music you’ve never heard of and books that nobody cares about. Of course it’s a terrible generalization and personally I don’t have anything against those people, but the fact is there was a lot controversy of around them, and I think there still is. Now, where can people who identify themselves as hipsters feel cosy in the Internet?

Obviously, there’s a place, and that’s where iPhones come to action – the famous Instagram. At some point there was a danger of being called a hipster automatically after posting a picture there. Again – not that it’s such a bad thing, but it’s a little bit scary how easy it is to get labeled. Anyway, if you like playing with photo filters and sharing some particularly important events from your life via Instagram, here I’ve got some good news – it’s no longer just a sanctuary for hipsters. The world of fashion decided to use it freely as a tool to communicate with it’s customers and/or fans.

81 year-old Oscar de la Renta just surprised everyone by posting the autumn/winter 2013 collection exclusively on Instagram.


Yesterday Elle Poland released a new issue with two different covers – both of them features Magdalena Frackowiak, and in one of them she wears only the jewellery by Dolce&Gabbana. Stefano Gabbana must have liked it so much, that he posted the cover on his Instagram account (and Elle Poland immediately bragged about it on Facebook :)). In the same issue of Elle Poland Ricardo Tisci, the great designer for Givenchy, admitted that he also has an Insta-account, justyfying it with the need to share his emotions and wisdom, to use his power to change the world… Well, good luck with that.


Some time ago Burberry released a video on Instagram with the description: ‘A glimpse behind the scenes of the #Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 show, #London‘. Below the print screen there’s a link where you can watch the full video.

zdjęcie (1)


As of sharing the life events – yes, people of fashion do that as well. Natalie Massanet is not a name that rings a bell at first, but if you hear ‘Net-a-Porter’ – it’s a whole different story. So Natalie is the very founder of Net-a-Porter and lately she decided to tell something about herself via her Instagram account nataporter_mystorysofar.

zdjęcie (2)

And all that is just the drop in the ocean, concidering the fact that most models and designers’ favourite activity in their spare time seems to be taking pictures and immediately posting them on Instagram. So as tacky as it sounds, it’s not just attention-seeking process, there’s more to that now. A little exhibitionism can’t hurt you anymore, it actually seems to be quite profitable, depends on what profits are expected… So every now and then even I like to post some terrible Insta-clichés on my account… 🙂


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