Not that groundbreaking…

When the summer comes along and I look at blogs devoted to fashion, only one thought crosses my mind – the scene from Devil Wears Prada, when Miranda, during a meeting, crashes one of her co-workers with a cynical line: “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” I liked to modify that one into: “Music festivals? For summer?…”

But as it turned out, after this year’s Heineken Opener Festival which I enjoyed very much, I decided it’s not completely unjustified, since if you put a catwalk in the music festival entrance you would have the biggest fashion show ever, with it’s own village (only it wouldn’t cost €10 milion like Lagerfeld’s one for Haute Couture 2013…).  So I guess it really is something worth writing about, not only in the context of music, but fashion as well.

Anyways, as much as I adore checking out stylish girls (and sometimes guys, cause some of them actually care about what they look like), I myself am a big, big fan of listening to live music with no concerns about my clothes. High heels, as you can figure out from the previous post, are completely out of questions, not an option. Short skirts? Too much risk of revealing what the world (usually) doesn’t want to see. Long skirts? Too much risk of getting them torn apart in the crowd. Medium skirts? Usually not enough ‘festive’. Short conclusion: no skirts at all. And it didn’t take me too much time to judge the dresses idea: all the same applies. What’s left then in my wardrobe?

Good old shorts and shirts! Now I wonder what would Miranda Priestly’s face expression look like – I mean, how groundbreaking is that? Fortunately, I live far, far away from where the movie took place (and from Anna Wintour’s office for that matter…) so I can wear simply whatever I want, without being scrutinized. I’m happy to announce that the Coke Live Music Festival is coming, and so am I, with my absolutely not-glamourous outfits! Here’s the first one:




I know a full cap is now a symbol of SWAG trend – I don’t now what’s the fuss, I wore baseball caps when I was five and nobody concidered me a fashion icon. And also, I read that SWAG is not about the clothing items, apparently it’s about the state of mind, so I’m safe. A bracelet is made by my mom, who recently have found her inner jeweller 🙂




Polo shirts – most underestimated and underappreciated piece of clothing I know. The Converse shoes – the most known shoes all around the world (probably). Together they make a perfect couple. This love story is completed with belly bag, which I think is the only absolutely necessary item for a music festival.


And some other pieces that I’m considering, but my train is tomorrow morning, so I need to speed up the process a little bit…

The only thing I hate more than being underdressed is being overdressed, and I don’t think I’ll have to worry about either of them. So I may not have created the most outstanding sets, but I have certainly created the perfect conditions to enjoy Florence&The Machine, Franz Ferdinand and Regina Spektor on the stage – I thank myself a lot for that 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Not that groundbreaking…

  1. kamis says:

    cu @ CLMF!

  2. May says:

    I fully agree that there are places and occasions where and when common sense should have a final saying over the inner fashion goddess, although I admit your “not-so-stylish” options look pretty cool!

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