A decision to be made

When Cinderella lost her shoe during her hectic night, we girls just fell for an easy assumption that it solely happened on the basis of all the hurry. None of us concidered the possibility that maybe the shoes – though perfectly fitted – were attached to the heels, which put any ankle joint in an unnatural and uncomfortable position.

So when Bridget Jones struggles between large, ugly panties and tiny, sexy ones, I have another ‘major dilemma‘ of my own: heels or flat shoes for the party? To look spectacular or to look nice? The chioce has always been easy for me, up until the last party I’ve been to. I wore beautiful black pumps and I was very proud of myself, as long I sat down and sipped my cocktail. But when it came to dancing, it turned out that the pumps were specifically designed to unable any organised movements, includig the ones I was trying to synchronize with the music. So did I look that spectacular after all, with the moves more like Thom Yorke than like Jagger and the crooked, painful smile?

That was the moment I’ve made my decision – heels for the daytime and formal or itimate occasions, and flat shoes for wild, all-through-the-night parties.

Making that decision was certainly easier than finding perfect pair of flat shoes that were suitable for the night out, but I accepted the challenge and completed it with the satisfying results. So here they are, my perfect party shoes:



Flat, classy and with many colors – they can practically be combined with any color palette I want. So for tonight I prepared a white outfit. I started with the skirt:


Added white top:


And then finished the look with quite dramatic jewellery (to avoide the risk of being taken for a teenage bride):


As I look at the photos, the final touch would be using an iron, which I admit I hate, but I know sometimes it’s necessary… And then I’m ready to go and be fabulous, no blisters, no cab money needed 🙂

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