L’ecole fashion

Again, going back to my sweet childhood, my grandmother used to live in England. It was an extremely wonderful opportunity for me to get to know new people and obviously the language, which I was starting to learn just about that time. I spent most of my summer holidays there and sometimes even went to school for short periods of time, just to get myself occupied during the day.

I remember my first time at that school – I was a very open kid so I wasn’t afraid at all. During the break between classes I went to the school yard and saw a very pretty girl, later I found out her name was Charlotte. But before we introduced ourselves, she approached me and asked a completely different question: ‘Where’s your uniform?‘.

I have never heard that word before, but I immediately knew what she was asking me about – something that only I didn’t have and which I desperately wanted. A uniform. Not one of the schools I ever attended required wearing a uniform, and while most of the students I knew hated them, I hated the idea of missing the opportunity to have one. Most of the big brands, like H&M, did add campaigns about ‘Going back to school‘ based on the uniform phenomenon:


But to get back to somethig, you have to first start with aything (still talking about uniforms, not school :)). So when I finally came to terms with the thought of never being able to wear this particular piece of clothing, uniforms came back, big style:


Gossip Girl brought back to life good, old-fashioned school uniforms and made them wearable for everyone, in spite of place you live and even your age (to some reasonable limits…). Finally it seemed like students all over the world became convinced that they can look just as fashionable as in other daily clothes, but with that innocent and intelectual glow that I was lacking all this years.

Nevertheless, I could never find the perfect uniform-alike dress, until last Sunday. River Island practically gave me a gift – the little black dress with suspenders costed me on sale about two large coffees at my favourite coffee place. It doesn’t exactly look like a school uniform, but resembles it, especially fixed with the right accessories (for example white socks and a blouse with a collar). Cupcake bag brings me back to the primary school, but to avoid looking like an 11-year old (which – let’s face it – I’m not) I chose the heavy high heeled boots to complete the look.


That’s my idea of pulling off the school uniform at the age of 21!

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2 thoughts on “L’ecole fashion

  1. kikusek says:

    Even though I graduated from high school a few years ago, I still love school uniform inspired style, so I adore your outfit. Also, you have great writing style, keep it up! 🙂

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