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Action… Aaaand cut!

I remember when I was 8 or 9 and Britney Spears was on fire. All the little girls wanted to be like her, me included (it must have been heartbreking for my dad to watch me put her records next to my Led Zeppelin album collection – today we would say that as a kid a had a very eclectic taste in music…). Anyway, nothing said ‘I want to be Britney’ more than wearing too little t-shirts that presented your belly button to the world. I did it and you did it too, let’s not speak of it again…

But the ‘uncovered belly’ trend didn’t last for long and at some point got widely criticized by all the fashion icons and we – girls – really needed to stop following Britney’s steps. But it seems like this year we have witnessed a real cropped tops reneissance!

You can see them everywhere – on cool and hip people as well as on graceful and elegant ones. Proof? Here you go:

image image

They go perfect with jeans or any casual clothes, but they can be fixed with majestic and chic pencil skirts. They look amazing combined with high waisted clothes or you can create an outfit with low waisted bottom if you feel brave.

image image image

The examples above are clear – this was a hit and it can look good on anybody provided that once you show your waist, you know what to hide if there’s something to be hidden… I couldn’t resist the sudden ‘cut’ either!



My cropped top policy is simple – I reveal more of my body than usual, I do it in simple colours. Simple doesn’t mean boring though, so the raspberry pink jacket looks vivid, while still classy.





See you guys on Saturday:)

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Covering the covers

I think this year we’re all a little bit disappointed with the September issues’ covers. They usually don’t surprise (as Kate Upton for Elle US – red, skin-tight dress and hairstyle á la Marylin Monroe, signed with the line ‘Hello Sexy’. For how long will the fashion world try to prove to us that she’s hot? We already know it, now try something new, please…).


Vogue US didn’t really do such a great job either – all you can see on the cover is Jennifer Lawrence’s face, which is an undeniably nice face, but for all I know she could be naked. Not convincing at all when it comes to such an important fashion magazine…


InStyle is a magazine that presents outfits more accessible for women, but I think that for a September issue they could jump just a little bit out of their comfort zone. As I read somewhere (sadly, can’t remember the source), ‘you can practically see Drew’s disappointment with all this…’


And seriosuly, what is princess Diana doing on a Vanity Fair cover?… Of course, there are some good covers – Daria Werbowy for Vogue UK, SJP for the subscribers edition of Harper’s Bazaar US,  Scarlett for HB Australia, Doutzen Kroes for Vogue Italia, but none of them are breathtaking I think. The closest to ‘breathtaking’ would be the 90’s models on the covers (yes, plural) of Interview Magazine.




This year it was also a first September issue of Harper’s Bazaar Poland and I would just love to say that the cover was a game changer, but sadly – it really wasn’t… I think this is actually the most depressing cover I’ve ever seen in my entire life. This is truly a bitter pill for me since I LOVE Olivia Wilde, I think she’s absurdly beautiful and this photo is just unfair to her…


Fortunately, Olivia’s photoshoot is much better than you could tell by judging the cover, but I still think that someone else stole her thunder here – Candice Swanepoel. Shot by Terry Richardson, she looks amazing wearing luxurious clothes in such raw surroudings. The idea may not be new, but it looks fresh anyway. Even though Richardson is said to be unable to shoot models that are not at least half-naked, this photoshoot is simply amazing (actually, it was presented in August issue of HB US and this is only a reprint, but a damn good one!). The last photo in this post will be the one that utterly astonished me:


If you have any favourits of your own – share them! 🙂

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Project Run(a)way: Part 1

Just a while ago I wrote about Instagram and today I have to again relate to Internet wonders – this time the good, old YouTube.

Some people use it to keep updated with the latest music videos, some people use it for watching funny stuff and I use it to gain new skills – the list is long!

If it wasn’t for YouTube I wouldn’t know how to moonwalk, how to play keyboard, how to sing the Cup Song, I wouldn’t be able to sing the Karmin’s cover of Chris Brown’s ‘Look at me now’, I wouldn’t have seen the tips on how to throw the Great Gatsby party, I wouldn’t know the perfect tennis forehand technique, and so on, and so on…

So when I found myself in need of help with another personal project, I didn’t hestitate for too long. The project itself is… sewing. I wasn’t disappointed with YouTube – you can find thousands of tutorials on how to the stiches, how to cut sleeky fabrics, how to create templates. And so I started with the hem stiches. This is what it should looke like before you start:


Then my first try – not a very succesfull one since you can see the thread:


And the second try – definitely a better one, but I held the fabric too tight:


I also draw the sketch, not a very precise one, but it gives you the idea (also, I really can’t draw very well).


If I had any fabrics in the world this probably wouldn’t be the colour or texture I’d use, but this one was available (it was bought for my ballroom dance dress, but I had to quit dancing for some reasons). So I tried to make the best out of it and chose the colour blocking option. Originally the bottom was meant to be just skirt and the top I imagined as a very stiff and geometric, but now I’m thinking of somehow connecting those two pieces to create a dress. We’ll see 🙂

So I thought I would do the little photo documentary of the process. I’ll let you know how the project goes in a while!

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Moonrise Kingdom

I think the title of the post speaks for itself. After doing the Donna outfit I thought it would be thrilling to sometimes use movie characters as inspirations, so I decided to implement a new series of posts dedicated to my favourite silver screen protagonists. Enjoy my first pick! (Second, if we count Donna.)

First film that came to my mind was the sweet and weird Moonrise Kingdom, the latest Wes Anderson’s hit. Why? Well, if we look at the fashion side – there’s a lot to derive, because Suzy’s style is very flashy and charming, as she is very consistent with her choices. But I think, most of all, I love this movie so much because it shows a story of two kids, while actually saying a lot about the adults…



White below-the-knee socks, simple monochromatic dresses in trapezoid shapes, ‘polite’ collars and cuffs, flat elegant shoes. And binoculars – the secret superpower! What’s not to like?



If you would like to see more of those stunning costumes, watch Moonrise Kingdom! If you don’t care about those stunning costumes, go and watch Moonrise Kingdom! Now, if you want to see my loose interpretation of the above based on what I had in my closet, keep scrolling 🙂







Have a nice weekend and come back on Saturday for a special one 🙂

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Disneyland redefined

When the budget is low and the need to buy something new becomes desperate, we all know what to do. We shop at second hands, and I am no exception. Of course, the clohes are only relatively new, but if you don’t mind spending one of your mornings on doing the search properly, you won’t come back home disappointed.

That’s what I decided to do when I had a day to spare after Coke Live Music Festival. My newest revelation is the Disney Original jumper with Mickey Mouse – I don’t think it’s actually ever been worn and it costed me 3 cheeseburgers at McDonald’s (I sort of like to change prices into the amounts of food/drinks I love – it helps me realise that I really wouldn’t have spent those money on anything better, I mean, McDonald’s – seriously?…).

That’s what it looks like:




And the happy face 🙂


Just to clear my conscience – this jumper wasn’t really found by me, but my friend who I went to the second hand shop with. If you’re reading this – I owe you one!

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Motion picture says more

I love photoshoots. It’s amazing how they capture the moment, how the photographer needs to combine knowledge and intuition to reach the perfect decisive moment that Henri Cartier Bresson talked about. I admire the art of posing, because it’s extremely difficult – you need to know how to present your body, you need to know your angles, it’s not just changing the way you stand in front of the lens. But in spite of all of that, I’m still a little bit more of a movie-person than a picture-person, and that is why I decided to make this ranking of my favourite 6 fashion-related videos (I know 6 isn’t a very even number, but I couldn’t narrow it down to 5 and thought – why not 6? :)). Most of them are recent, because this form of advertising is getting more and more popular and advanced, which results in making better and better ads. So here’s 100% personalised, 100% subjective and 100% biased video ranking.


I’m not so sure if it really is the video itself or the great cover of Duran Duran song ‘Girls on film’. Either way, the add had stuck into my head and comes back whenever the topic of fashion campaignes pops up.


The idea of an exclusive party is alluring to most of us, and here the luxoury of this event is emphasized by the lyrics of Marco Dos Santos song Not on a guest list. Sounds kind of like a good line to put on a T-shirt!


Cara Delevingne for the first time. Again, the music played a crucial role for me here – I listened to it time after time for hours on Plus, the combination of Cara and Miami makes perfect sense and it is quite visible for the observer that she was being her usual, crazy self, having fun.


The concept of the psychologist caring more about the coat than his client is particularly interesting for me for two reasons. One of them – it’s not that easy to pay attention to the outerwear if there’s Helena Bonham Carter on your sofa. Second one – as a psychology student I actually wonder – is that how it works to make that job bearable?… 🙂 The person who also deserves some recognition here is the director – Roman Polanski, who just couldn’t help himself and had to create yet another masterpiece in less than 5 minutes.


I’m a big fan of any Wes Anderson work, so naturally I couldn’t overlook the add he and Roman Coppola directed for Prada. The sweet awkwardness that is essential for Wes’s art has made this video exceptional among all the others. Go for it, Prada! Watching this makes me wanna buy the Candy l’eau immediately, despite my strong inclination towards manly fragrances. As of Mr Anderson, he’ll be mentioned here again quite soon 🙂


Cara Delevingne for the second time. If your product is perfidiously named Baby Doll, who else would you turn to if not that 21 year old, soon-to-be-announced-supermodel, well known british sociable? The choice must have been easy for YSL beauty department. There’s absolutely nobody else who could do the job nearly as strikingly well as she did. I love the contrast between the innocence of the song and the wildness of the story presented in the video. You can practically read from Cara’s eyes: ‘My mascara may say Baby Doll, but the party I had yesterday was for the adults only…’

If you have your own suggestions and number ones, feel free to share them!

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The Donna element

After many years of arguing with my mother about fashion, she finally understands my right to dress they way I want, and I understand her right to sometimes disapprove. There’s only one matter on which we could never really bury the hatchet – the pencil skirts.

While I am fully aware of how flattering and surprisingly slimming for any woman they are, I can’t get rid of the impression that when I wear one I look like I went out from my office to pick up a quick lunch. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s anything demeaning about a job in the office, only I don’t have one, that’s my point.

But then I saw something that made me actually want to wear pencil skirts every once in a while, despite lacking the corpo-career. So what, or rather who has changed my ridiculously stubborn mind?

Donna. The name that always used to bring memories of Grey’s Anatomy episode about a tranvestite and which now represents to me the ultimate femininity. All that thanks to TV law/financial drama – Suits.


The two quick-witted protagonists in that show, Harvey Specter and Mike Ross, are strikingly good looking and tough to argue with. But while they’re having their little movie quotes battles, somebody has to make a compelling background, and it’s not the young and ambitious Rachel Zane, it’s the hot know-it-all red head, Donna.



It’s not simply about her clothing style, it’s not simply about her looks and it’s not simply her spicy sense of humour. She has this ‘it’ element that makes her the whole package. In other words – Harvey’s secretary is every man’s fantasy.


So inspired by her (and suddenly tempted to work at the law firm) I decided to have in my wardrobe at least one ‘Donna outfit’, but a little bit more edgy. I always think that you have to watch out not to dress too frivolously as well as not to dress too conservatively for your age. Every rule goes both ways, it’s never headed towards just one direction.


Pencil dress with an animal print in restrained colours – enough Donna style, while still my own. The dress was purchased in TK Maxx, bag is a gift from my mom (Batycki).


The golden watch (ok, it’s not really golden :)) and adorable shoes are both from my currently favourite store Mohito.



When I grow up I wanna be Donna!

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Magic Box

As a little girl nothing in my mom’s closet attracted me more than the jewellery. All sparkling, but not trashy, stylish, but every piece was different from another – from the very beginning I knew exactly what are girls’ best friends, didn’t even need to hear that from Marylin Monroe. I will always remember the night my parents went to some fancy ball and mom had a bun decorated with bobby pins with pearls – I thought I’ll never see something chic like that ever again. As the time passed I saw many chic things – Valentino gowns, Manolo shoes, Michael Kors bags, but the image of that mom’s hairstyle will stay with me forever.

Beautiful things need a beautiful wrapping, and so we had many pretty jewellery-boxes or – as I like to call them – Magic Boxes. The best part of them were the second and third bottoms or tiny sliding compartments – at least I concidered that the best thing when I was a kid. What counts to me right now is an order, the illusive concept to which I thought I would never get used.

But as Regina Spektor sings, life inside the magic box ain’t easy (actually, she sings that about the music box, but it goes along with the word “magic” as well…). I have my own Magic Box that provides an order for me, because nothing bugs me more than strangled chains and earrings impossible to find…


This particular Magic Box is intended to serve for travelling. Since I always had problem with completing the perfect jewellery set for journeys, I had this brilliant idea to do it once and for good. The Magic Box above contains my favourite and most wearable items, I never unpack it, it’s ready to be put in a suitcase anytime. And it’s cute.






I already tested it – if during a journey I don’t plan to have any events that require some special jewellery – it’s absolutely faultless. And if an event like that happens spontaniously – well, I always say that fashion is also about operating on items currently avaliable… 🙂

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No fuel for that Bentley!

Are there any female fans of Top Gear here? Probably hard to find ones – we usually leave the world of Bugattis ans Lambos to our boyfriends. But if the Hammond-Clarckson-May trio doesn’t get you excited enough, I bet I still have something to share about vehicles that will make your eyes shine brighter – the Bentley bag.





Created in collaboration with former Louis Vuitton designer Vincent du Sartel, models of Bentley bags present themselves incredibly posh and classy. Although it’s tempting to pose the question about the reason why major car manufacturers decide more often to launch the accessories lines, I wouldn’t mind having an item like that in my wardrobe, not to mention – in my own Bentley car… 🙂




Stay with me for tomorrow’s Magic Box post! 🙂

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# Insta-mood

The hipsters community has grown dramatically for the last few years, along with the atributes that are now assigned to them. The list is long: specific ‘nerdy’ eyewear, clothing that makes you wonder if homeless or hipster, hats, iPhones, music you’ve never heard of and books that nobody cares about. Of course it’s a terrible generalization and personally I don’t have anything against those people, but the fact is there was a lot controversy of around them, and I think there still is. Now, where can people who identify themselves as hipsters feel cosy in the Internet?

Obviously, there’s a place, and that’s where iPhones come to action – the famous Instagram. At some point there was a danger of being called a hipster automatically after posting a picture there. Again – not that it’s such a bad thing, but it’s a little bit scary how easy it is to get labeled. Anyway, if you like playing with photo filters and sharing some particularly important events from your life via Instagram, here I’ve got some good news – it’s no longer just a sanctuary for hipsters. The world of fashion decided to use it freely as a tool to communicate with it’s customers and/or fans.

81 year-old Oscar de la Renta just surprised everyone by posting the autumn/winter 2013 collection exclusively on Instagram.


Yesterday Elle Poland released a new issue with two different covers – both of them features Magdalena Frackowiak, and in one of them she wears only the jewellery by Dolce&Gabbana. Stefano Gabbana must have liked it so much, that he posted the cover on his Instagram account (and Elle Poland immediately bragged about it on Facebook :)). In the same issue of Elle Poland Ricardo Tisci, the great designer for Givenchy, admitted that he also has an Insta-account, justyfying it with the need to share his emotions and wisdom, to use his power to change the world… Well, good luck with that.


Some time ago Burberry released a video on Instagram with the description: ‘A glimpse behind the scenes of the #Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 show, #London‘. Below the print screen there’s a link where you can watch the full video.

zdjęcie (1)

As of sharing the life events – yes, people of fashion do that as well. Natalie Massanet is not a name that rings a bell at first, but if you hear ‘Net-a-Porter’ – it’s a whole different story. So Natalie is the very founder of Net-a-Porter and lately she decided to tell something about herself via her Instagram account nataporter_mystorysofar.

zdjęcie (2)

And all that is just the drop in the ocean, concidering the fact that most models and designers’ favourite activity in their spare time seems to be taking pictures and immediately posting them on Instagram. So as tacky as it sounds, it’s not just attention-seeking process, there’s more to that now. A little exhibitionism can’t hurt you anymore, it actually seems to be quite profitable, depends on what profits are expected… So every now and then even I like to post some terrible Insta-clichés on my account… 🙂


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