I should… what?!

Me and my dad had this little tradition of visiting a video-rental store every Sunday when I was a kid and he always took something to watch for him and mom, and I got to pick a movie for myself. Of course, my favourite were the animated ones and I remember I had a thing for a tale about the goblins, I could watch them over and over again. One Sunday we came to the rental store and I went straight to the place I knew I’d find those little violet creatures, but my dad stopped me and said: ‘I think you should start watching something less childish, maybe go and pick up a video from the non-animated section?‘.

Many years later I was standing at the clothes store with my mom, picking up another t-Shirt with funny line or picture on it, when I heard something just as much brutal: ‘I think you should start dressing more mature‘.

Well, it’s impossible for me to see my face without a mirror, but I swear the look on my face was as surprised as the one I had for my dad’s sudden ‘VETO!’ to my beloved goblins. Dressing more mature? That was unexpected, I didn’t even know what that meant – dresses, heels, fancy hats? As it turned out, my mom was thinking about some good quality white blouse, a black dress I could wear on many occasions, a dark-blue cardigan for school celebrations, etc. I began to like the smart style, and then fully embraced it when Gossip Girl took over the TV and Internet world – I watched that show with absolutely no concern about any of the characters, I just wanted to see what they wear. It turns out both of my parents were right (one at a time…). But the truth is – I still like to watch Snow White or Alice in Wonderland from time to time, and I make the same exceptions in my wardrobe choices. That’s why next to many classy dresses and a few elegant blazers you can also find a pure visualisation of Bow Wow Wow’s song ‘I Want Candy‘:



(I might be a little crazy about accessories for iPhone, which I know many people think are overrated, but I think it’s one of those things you don’t know you need until you have them. And those adorable cases…)


I found the juper in the second hand shop and my mom was mortified – she still hates it, and I know it’s not very pretty, but… it has so many colors! It feels a little bit like wearing a rainbow leading to the pot of gold (as lame as it sounds…).


Not exactly a candy material, unless you saw the the smiling owl on YouTube. It’s really sweet and you should watch it.


This picture of the deliciously looking macarons I purchased a while ago and it had already been stolen from me. Over the years my mom familiarised herself with colors other than black and white (she actually picked the cupcake-bag for me!). Now she wants to hang the macarons picture in her kitchen and I think I won’t miss them – they look fantastic there!

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