The Scarf Season

I must admitt that when it comes to accessorizing I’m a comitted minimalist – I never wear too much jewellery. But I’ve recently came to notice that accesorizing is not just about sparkly details added with or without any reflection, there’s much more to the subject than that (of course I am aware of the fact that shoes and handbags are also accessories, but it’s hard to be a minimalist regarding those two elements, I mean – I can’t walk around town barefoot, can I?). Up until now I considered scarfs to be the typically winter-season neccesities. Well, that’s over now – it’s gonna be a scarf sason!

When I say ‘scarf’, fashion passionates would usually think of the most iconic scarfs there are, designed by Hermès. Hermès International S.A. was first established in 1837 in France (obviously), by Thierry Hermès. As Wikipedia informes me – wrought harenesses and bridles for the carriages were the first wares he manufacured, so not exactly a feminine mecca – I sometimes get the feeling that everything that’s now most associated with female attributes was at first created for men! (If still in doubt, see the previous post about cheerleading…).

To be completely honest – I’ve never came across any good biography of the Hermès founder or any book about the history of maison Hermès in general – can you think of any? I don’t exactly feel like feeding you with the informations you can easily find by typing ‘Hermès’ into Google search, but I would love to know what happened to the harenesses and bridles. After all, they’re not so close to scarfs, perfumes and RTW collections!

I remember when Hermès released it’s application for iPads and iPhones – I wrote an extensive post about it somewhere around October. The app showed how to tie a scarf in 20 different ways, and I still haven’t learned the lesson! Two weeks ago I went into a thrift shop and saw a big scarf (it’s probably a pareo) in great colours. Bought it. Wore it ever since 🙂

Scarf’s my absolute number one accessory for the upcoming summer season!














The showing strap – real people problem… And a regular-irregular silly face, all documented by Janina Jungiewicz 🙂


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The Chic-leader

There’s a dream that many girls (I don’t dare to say all of them) dream in their younghood. It’s an American Dream, but not in a “from rags to riches” sense, rather in from “high school average girl to the head of a cheerleading squad” sense. Yes, dear everyone – it’s a post about cheerleading.

At first it had nothing to do with females – “Princeton Cheer” was reserved for male Princeton students who were yelling “Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Tiger! S-s-s-t! Boom! A-h-h-h!”. Makes no sense, but current cheering lines don’t make much of it either. The term “Cheer Leader” itself came to life in 1897 (still reffering to men only – that hasn’t changed until 1907). In 1903 first cheerleading fraternity was created and four years later girls started joining Gamma Sigma. Screaming out short words divided into vibrant syllables became mostly girlish during… World War II, when men were the ones who needed their motivation maintained high during a fight – a fight quite different from the one being fought on a football field.

Right now cheerleading is less about yelling and more about physical action, which is undeniably nicer to look at. The level of modern cheerleader’s condition is comparable to the one of professional gymnasts. Hellcats shed a different light on the often neglected issue of cheerleading (yeah, you can say you haven’t watched it – you know you did…). Soaring piruets, intricate pyramids, one-leg jumps onto the upright hand of a cheer-friend – those are just a few breathtaking tricks you can watch all over YouTube (or in Hellcats episodes, but you knew that already).

Another film closely related to the topic of cheerleading is American Beauty. The most American movie of all – where the production design is all set in three colors: red, white and blue. Yes, you got it right – like an American flag. And I think those three tones are very often used as a color palette for cheerleader’s costumes, which would have to be due to the fact, that America is, after all, the alma mater of cheerleading. (As if out of spite, out of all the sceneries, frames and accessories in American Beauty that were designed in Blue-Red-White shadows, Mena Suvari’s cheer-suit is… white and green. Why, costume designer Julie Weiss, why?).

Why the cheerleading post anyway? Well, I can’t deny I have some unfulfilled dreams from earlier times in my life. A ballerina and a cheerleader – two proffesions for which it’s too late for me, it was difficult, but I’ve come to terms with it. Still there’s a part inside of me that winks archly at the sight of any cheerleading accessories, so when last season Local Heroes desgined USA-ish collection with one the pieces being LOCAL CHEERLEADER muscle dress, I really couldn’t help myself. I bought it immediately, but I was thinking of a way I could accomodate the dress in a less obvious way that just with a pair of good old red Chucks Taylors. The idea came with strikingly good-looking red heels, and the mysteriously asked, unfinished question: what if?…

How do you like a cheerleader seen from a slightly different perspective? 🙂



















Thank you Jane for your endless effort to make those picutes so easy to look at – even when I decide to wear a mimi dress right after Easter food debauchery 😛


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How I became a rebel

I bought an asymmetric green dress two years ago when they were a big hit – I didn’t particularly like the cut in general, but this one looked really beautiful. The purpose of this purchase was to wear it for New Year’s Eve party and guess what? I wore the dress and everybody else wore sweatshirts and sneakers. To make it all even worse I didn’t know majority of the people participating in the party, to be completely honest – I didn’t even know the host (it was one of those times you wake up on 31st of December and think: “Holy shit! It’s New Year’s Eve. What do I do?”). So, naturally, all the guests thought I was a terrbily overdressed terrible stuck-up, and I was number one avoided person for the rest of the night. Thank God a few of my friends were there for a rescue… It was, nevertheless, the worst New Year’s Eve party of my life.

After that incident I thought I had to be more careful. The dress looks incredibly festive so next time I wear I really have to make sure it’s a proper occasion. And so last week (two years later) I was searching through my dresses, pulled this one out and caught myself asking questions: will I ever wear it again? Is it even still fashionable?…

I must say I’m really digging the idea of trends getting blurred and that we should wear whatever feels true to us. I tried the dress on (“Does it still fit me?” was a question that came right after the other ones…) and I immodestly decided that I look pretty damn good in it. If only I had some sort of “special occasion” coming up so I can wear it as an outfit for my blog… And there came a revolution. Why not wear it casually?

Such a common mistake women make is they keep their best clothes for celebrations and galas – what a waste of great outfits! I’ve heard this one before, but I guess I had to learn it on my own – wearing that dress with casual accessories made me feel less overdressed on an average day on the street than I felt on a New Year’s Eve party. A party that should be all about elegant gowns and black suede shoes! SO: to your closets! Find whatever you always felt was too decorative for every-day wearing and wear it tomorrow. Be a rebel.

(Correction: I didn’t feel just less overdressed while shooting this outfit, I didn’t feel overdressed AT ALL.)










This ivory lacy vest was made by my Granny (she used to be a seamstress and costume designers for theatres ans operas). My mom needed it for a party when she was just about my age! It’s real vintage 🙂

I guess I should have eaten a smaller breakfast…





Thank to Janina Jungiewicz for taking those beautiful pictures, yet again 🙂


…and follow me on my Instagram account @kasiapiersa

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An Ink Test and a Mad Wall

I really wouldn’t be a psychology student if this dress print didn’t remind me of Rorschach’s Inklebot Test. It consists of several boards with colorful ink spots and the potential participant of the examination is supposed to interpret it by pointing out the answer that is most adequate in his/her opinion. The accuracy of this test is of course controversial, but out of all the psychology research tools this one’s by far most artistic.

The results of Inklebot Test are diversified, and so can be the context of wearing that dress. Which is exactly why I love it. I wore it for Christmas Eve with silver jewellery and it was festive. I wore it for bussiness training with black jacket and it was formal. Today I wore it with denim and it’s super fun, especially with futuristic white sunglasses and in front of South-American style graffiti. (It’s the graffiti we have vis-à-vis the local library, isn’t my study-town just awesome?). There’s also a rabbit-cangaroo hybrid on a leash next to it, which I don’t think quite matches, but in a very strange way – it does… it’s a mad wall, let’s say. It’s a “Donnie Darko meets Alice in Wonderland in Peru”.

The graffiti may seem familiar in the usage of colors, and not just because you have a picture from your trip to Venezuela as a screensaver. The latino street art was a major part of latest Prada project The Heart Of Multitude. Six muralists: Gabriel Specter, El Mac, Mesa, Pierre Mornet, Stinkfish and Jeanne Detallante, were invited to decorate the Milano show space with their illustrations “to engage themes of femininity, representation, power, and multiplicity”. But if you didn’t have the pleasure of attending Prada’s fashion show, you can still find some of the women portaits on Prada’s handbag collection for Spring/Summer 2014 (which is now, finally and thankfully).

Hope you like the photos 🙂 (by the way, I think I nailed the movie reference thing)













Have a great week! 🙂


Photos are taken by Janina Jungiewicz, who just keeps getting better at this! 🙂

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Keep it Cute!

Inspired by my previous post, I decided to go a little bit culturesque on the blog and elaborate some more on the cuteness culture subject. I wrote that it’s a thing now, but that does not serve as a proper explanation, therefore I would love to provide you with one. Who could have known that Hello Kitty wasn’t just going to be a singular mascot, but also a part of a massive culture movement?

As I mentioned on Wednesday lovely evening, it started in the Country of Cherry Blossoms – kawaii is a japanese equivalent for cuteness. Why was kawaii so succesfully included in the peculiar culture of Japan? Two things: a tendency to glorify infantilism and a tendency to miniaturize all the belongings (the territory of Japan is quite small and the land prices used to be very high, so everybody could own just a tiny piece of land). Of course, whatever is a trend in the culture finds its’ reflection in fashion, so the sweet innocence (and perversion as well, let’s be honest) of Harajuku Girls comes right from kawaii. Now in Japan there are multiple subtypes of kawaii girls: Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Ganguro (americanized style inspired by Barbie dolls), Kegadoru (girls put bandages on their body and often splash it with fake blood to elicit interest and empathy in the opposite sex). Sounds sick? Yes, it does. And what’s the name of the most popular japanese fashion magazine? “CUTiE”.



Now, about the cuteness itself – what are the exact criteria? There is a specific set of features that needs to be recognized in an object to classify it as cute. Round head, disproportionately big head in relation to the rest of the body, big, round, protruding ears, shapeless nose, unnaturaly low-set eyes, jelly limbs, helpless walk. If you think about it, that description sounds a lot like a newborn or a little animal, which rises a need for care. That’s why we buy Hello Kitty and other products advertised with some clumsy creatures – because on a subconscious level we feel like we should take care of them!


If you’re rising your eyebrow while reading the phrase “on a subconscious level” – you’re quite right to have doubts. The matter of our awareness is being constantly abused in mass media, mostly in attempt to make us “realize” that we need to buy something, but we just don’t know it consciously yet. I, on the other hand, am not trying to sell you any crap, so let’s make it legit: here’s the example of a study (yes, a study, the cuteness culture is an object of interdisciplinary analysis of neurobiologists, psychologists, antropologists, neuromarketers and corporate’s image specialists. Seriously). In 2009 Melanie Glocker conducted a study which uncovered the process of human brain reaction to objects described as cute. The MRI showed that there is a certain cuteness factor located in the oldest part of our brain, also responsible for… nutrition and procreation. Now, how about that?

Anyways, is there any influence on an actual art? Naturally there is. Art is kind of a sponge that absorbs all the things visible (literally or not) in a society, so cuteness aesthetics often shows in different works of art.


Mark Ryden’s Saint Barbie is a criticism of consumerism, beauty terror, body cult and desperate youth chase. Empty face expression of a Barbie doll shows that there’s nothing more than her looks, and the little girl accepts it with no questions.


Another one – also from Mark Ryden – Little Boy Blue seems like a perfectly innocent drawing of a cute boy, except when you notice the Hitlerjugend uniform… Psychology of colors states that pink is a color manifesting life happiness, freshness, optimism and a sense of security. Why is it contrasted with the symbol of hatred and danger, swastika? Probably to ridicule the actions of nazis. Or justify them. Or both?


Láznê Bohdaneč’s DEKA TANKU is an art installation: a military tank painted in pastel pink as a symbol of victory over the soviet regime.


Donut Bunny by Aleksandra Marchocka is sickly cute, again only until you notice the details – white balls aren’t edible cupcake pearls, but tiny skulls… Why? The artist says that there’s something very sweet about rabbits as well as something really disturbing – they look just a little insane (didn’t Lewis Caroll pick up on that over 100 years ago while writing Alice in Wonderland?).


Any Love Magazine fans over here? Each and every time LM cover comes out it’s always about presenting a certain femininity definition. What do you think was this one about?…

FUN FACT TO END THE POST: pink color wave is nearly as fast as the light, so that’s why it wins the race to our sight and, eventually, draws our attention the most. That’s also why many companies decided to change their logos over the past few years 🙂 neuromarketing is real.

(The study I quoted was taken from Melanie Glocker article Baby schema modulates the brain reward system in nulliparous women, 2009)

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Generally, for major part of my life I used to be one of those people who claim that black looks good with any color, especially black. But then again, I read reports on Challenger catastrophy for fun so you can imagine I wasn’t exactly the ‘style digger’ type of person. I wore black in my world of editing Wikipedia film reviews, but didn’t mind colors in my surroundings, except for one. Nothing was as repulsive for me as a pink piece of clothing. Yuck!

Why did I hate the color so much? I guess it all goes down to the Barbie dresses, trousers, blouses, coats, sweaters, bikinis, shoes – pretty much anything a Barbie doll is accesorized with is pink, which I think creates a stereotype of some sort, or at least some negative associations. I remember my mum trying to talk sense into me by kindly offering to buy me pink clothes and reasoning that they are actually very, very pretty. The way I saw it, she was trying to force her sweet vision of me by holding me captive in a world where watching “Legally Blond” was legal (and that was not the world I wanted to live in back then). Anyways, as you can see from the pictures below, the situation has dramatically changed – not only am I wearing both pink sweater and pink jacket, but I combined them with white skirt. And peachy heels. And, well, pink handbag. Pink lipstick. Could this get any more cute?… (Yes, it could, if I was holding a white sleeping kitty with fuchsia ribbon.)

So somewhere in the process of acknowledging colors and adapting them into my wardrobe I also started to see pink as something more than just phenolphthalein getting all raspberry in alkaline solution. I adore this hue, I think it goes well with my skin tone and when I wear pink my heart feels warmer. Or you could say I sold my soul to become a conformist member of a cuteness culture (yes, it’s really a thing, it started with Japanese Kawaii and it expanded). Either way, enjoy the outfit and “Keep it cute!” (which once used to be a note that Walt Disney pinned over each of his animators’ desk – see, this cutneness culture is no joke…).















All the photos are taken by my friend Janina Jungiewicz, who turned out to have an amazing eye for fashion photography as well as enough free time to spend it with me and, you know, the clothes stuff 🙂 Thank you Jane, those pictures are amazing!



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Je parle français un petit peu!

If you think 7 days is not enough to see the entire Paris, then you’re absolutely right. When I go on a trip to a place I’ve never been to before (and Paris was a place like that) I have two visiting strategies:

1. I’m taking it slowly, wandering around the town and chilling in local cafeterias.
2. I’m going completely insane about seeing ALL the landmarks and I run from one place to another, 10 hours a day.

Both ways are equally enjoyable for me, but since Paris is the cradle of great art and most recognizable buildings in the world, I chose option 2. How did it go? Here’s the list of places I’ve managed to honor with my time and attention: Disneyland, Versaille, Norte Dame, Saint Chapelle, Consiergerie, Catacombs, Eiffel Tower, Champs de Mars, Triumphal Arch, Champs Élysées, Louvre, Centre Pompidou, Museum d’Orsay, Napoleon’s tomb, Pere Lachaise, La Cinémathéque Française, Sacre Cœur, Museum of Salvador Dali, Moulin Rouge and Cartier’s exhibition in Grand Palais (for which the line was so long during the day that you had to wait two hours just get the tickets! Luckily, the lady at the entrance instructed us to come back two hours before closure and we waited 20 minutes). Those seven days were absolutely crazy, but fun as hell (and just imagine how educational at the same time!). The wine was cheap, the metro tickets were rip-offs, the frozen lazagna on the balcony of our tiny, little apartment was truly romantical, especially eaten on Valentine’s Day. Perfect, you could say, a perfect trip!






Best €9 ever spent… seriously, it tasted like love.


Now that I’m looking through the pictures – have I eaten anything else but sweets for the past week?…


Going a bit crazy with my friend at Le Café des Chats – a heavenly place where you drink coffee and play with cats (yes, real cats) at the same time!


Ultimately weird art from Louvre…


…aaand from Pompidou.



Got a bit carried away while trying to strike a pose that says “intelectual and amazed” (and then with all the filters – it was just too easy…).





The color for this sofa was chosen from Elsa Schiaparelli color samplers! (museum of Salvador Dali)



La Cinémathéque Française, building designed by Frank Gehry himself!


And of course – the Cartier exhibition!



And the most mundane problem of all trips – how do I pack all my stuff back into the suitcase?…


That would be the end! Thank you my friends for amazing week – Karola for sticking with me and the cuckoo sightseeing plan, and Paula and Tyka for insisting on doing something else as well, like for instance drinking wine and relaxing 🙂

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THINGS are happening

As the title shows, something has been going on – something that for a while made me drop my beloved blog! Not for much longer (I hope), since I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you guys a lot!

But I guess a little bit of explanation wouldn’t hurt… So I have been working for a new on-line fashion magazine – Mess Magazine! If you haven’t come across it, here are all the informations you need:

Mess Website

Mess Facebook Fanpage

Mess Instagram

Mess 1st Issue

Actually, those are not all the informations you need. So here’s more – all the felietons you could have read on my blog are now being published via Mess website or Mess issue (only one has been released yet, in January, but we’re trying to keep it monthly!). That’s why I needed some time to think about reorganising Pepper Issue a bit, so I don’t have to cover the same topics twice. I came up with the solution – I think I want Pepper to be more of a ‘lifestyle’ blog from now on (but still within the boundaries of good taste, so don’t expect daily selfies or what’s on my menu for lunch…).

Take a look at what the first issue of Mess Magazine looked like. I wrote a piece about Karl Lagerfeld (but don’t get the wrong idea – it’s not another song of praise, quite the opposite…).


I also played a little ‘fashion police’ with the Golden Globes looks (it’s kind of addictive, you know – judging…).


And tried to be a pro describing some of the Spring/Summer 2014 collections 🙂


My writing is not the only reason for you to take a look at the current issue of Mess Magazine – this is just a tiny sample of many beautiful editorials featured!


And once you’re done with reading and appreciating the issue, you can go for a daily update on the website (comes in handy especially during the big fashion month):


That’s absolutely all of advertising for tonight (although it doesn’t feel wrong – I love MessMag and I hope for you to love it too!). I think I know how to get back on track with this blog – tomorrow I’m going on an amazing trip to Paris with my best friends and I hope there will be a lot to share with you! But for now I am in a bit of a trap, the one that you all know very well – what to wear? Hopefully you’ll see for yourself soon on the blog! Keep on checking for the new post.


You can also follow me on the Instagram!

All the photos, except for the one with my chaotic suitcase, are courtesy of Mess Magazine.

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Great time flashback

Last year I had a great opportunity to attend The International Film Festival of Art of Cinematography Plus Camerimage – it takes place in Poland every November. The story how I got there is long, but to make it short let’s just say that my best friend does things in the movie field (I have very talented friends) and Camerimage is litterally Christmas to him, so after few years he managed to talk me into coming. Wait, that’s actually the whole story…

Last year David Lynch received the Lifetime Achievement Award and also he did a wonderful job with designing the festival poster:


Aside from amazing screenings, absolutely fantastic people and wild parties that usually ended up with having McDonald’s breakfast menu for supper, there was one more phenomenal hit:

Arri Alexa reel with M.I.A. song

Anyways, with this year’s edition of Camerimage coming in two weeks, the thought of it starts to excite me just a little! And so the memory of Bad Girls played before every screening and the entire audience singing it along brought back the figure of M.I.A. herself. As a matter of fact, an interesting news has been overlooked on this blog (yes, this post will be about fashion eventually). In October, somewhere around the time I was celebrating my birthday, M.I.A. launched her collection for Versus Versace! I would describe it as a luxurious hip-hop style with ethnic accents, which is everything that M.I.A. represents in music and because of that I find the collection very authentic.







I wonder which song is going to be massively popular this year (I would be very dissapointed if there was none this time!) and how can it lead me to fashion topics later on…

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Moschino’s doing it right!

On Tuesday Jeremy Scott has been announced the new Creative Director of Moschino. How do you feel about that decision?


Personally, I’m good with it. Though Mr Scott’s pieces are too expensive for my student budget, I’m a great fan of his designs!






If the name rings a bell, but you don’t know exactly who to link it to, Jeremy Scott is the guy who dressed Britney Spears for her Toxic music video (the stewardess suit!). As you can see a ove, he also did many collaborations with Adidas, setting a new trend – the teddy bear shoes and jumpers (and many other pieces that are now desired by those who fell deeply for fashion).





Do you remember the post about cartoon characters wearing top labels? Beavis and Butthead ‘appeared’ in Jeremy Scott then:


And this is my favourite of all time Jeremy Scott piece – the Mickey Mouse sunglasses!


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